[Feature Request]: Bolt: Ability to set Low/High volume level for radar notifications

I recently added the Trek carback to my cycling equipment to go with my existing bolt v2. It all works great together, but I feature option I’d really like is to be able select the volume of the radar alert notifications, say low or high.

The standard volume is quite loud which is ok when I’m riding solo but when I’m with someone or a bunch and chatting having it so loud become annoying to everyone around you, especially if you are riding on a road with a bit of traffic and it is constantly alerting.

Which then causes me to put it into mute mode which reduces the effectiveness of the notifications it I’m not looking at the head unit. Which on that, if we can’t change the volume levels then changing the left button option from the “lap” function to be a quick “mute/unmute” to save having to navigate all the way into the paired device settings.

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Dear wahoo team,

I would also like to have the ability to adjust the sounds volume. I like to be notified but not in a disturbing manner. After arrival at my office this loud beeping is annoying. There should be at least a quick way to turn them off without using the app.

Is there any chance that adjusting the sound volume will be implemented during a firmware update? Or is it not possible because of hardware limitations?

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