First century ride

I have to share that I completed my first century ride this past weekend. 100 miles in the saddle and it was both exhausting and exciting and I couldn’t have done it without The Sufferfest app.

Before the pandemic, I only commuted daily on my bike but it wasn’t until I was forced to stay at home that I found Sufferfest. A year of indoor training and yoga has me hooked. I’m now constantly looking for my next ride and can’t wait to hop on the saddle and see where my bike takes me.



Fantastic! :+1::tada:

Great work!

Awesome achievement,
Well done!

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Woot woot! Congrats! Your first century is a massive milestone! Cheers to many more!



Well done! I’m attempting my first Century ride tomorrow… any tips for me? :blush:

Save those legs!
Don’t try to over do it in the beginning. I started out too strong and it almost prevented me from finishing. Also, stop occasionally and do some yoga or stretches.

Good luck!!!

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