First Women’s Paris-Rubaix + rain = Cobbler and Suffering

It’s looks like it will be a wet Paris-Roubaix this year. And this year there will be a women’s race on Saturday in addition to the men’s race on Sunday.

So who will celebrate the suffering and do Cobbler this weekend?


May I suggest combining Cobbler with A Sunday in Hell? :wink:


Supposed to be dry for the Femme event, so we get the full spectrum this year! Very much looking forward!

Nice. And ouch.


I actually hope that it is dry on Saturday. My reasoning - if it is wet and there is a high dropout rate then it won’t necessarily be the strongest rider winning and more of a lottery, than it is at the moment, with mechanicals and caught in crashes.

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Just did Butter as a “warm-up” or “primer”for Cobbler over the weekend. So good!

Also first ride on the new SYSTM.


Yeah, probably gonna hurt…

Warm up with A Sunday in Hell, cruising along nicely in the peloton, then BOOM :boom: ; Cobbler in the Finale!

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I rode Cobbler while watching the first 3/4 of the women’s Paris-Roubaix and it was chillingly cool to cross under the sector 11 gantry only about 2 minutes before the women in the real race crossed under the same gantry with almost exact same camera short. :heart::flushed::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Amazing!

Finished of the rest of the race while beating the Shark in Thin Air.


Wet cobbles and horrible crashes hope everyone’s ok, Cobbler tomorrow me thinks

Is it just us amateurs that wear number 13 upside down?

its not mandatory for amateurs or pro’s, it’s up to the rider and if they are superstitious, I never did it (very much a amateur) … but I never did very well, and not all countries consider it to be unlucky

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I see plenty of pros who do it. But it’s a decision that’s up to the rider. Some are more superstitious than others.

That. Was bloody. Brilliant.

Chapeau Lizzie.


Brilliant ride! It was thrilling to watch.


Wow. What. A. Race! (Paris-Roubaix that is, both women and men)

Did not manage to time it to perfection, but timing the sprint of the final effort in Cobbler within 1:30 minutes of the men’s finish was preeeetty darn close!


Yep… fantastic weekend’s racing there.

Maybe GvA will come up with another workout based on the Suffering we’ve seen this weekend.

Double Cobbler anyone?



The men’s Paris-Roubaix winner takes home a boosted prize purse of €30,000 while first women’s edition winner gets €1,535

Yup. Pretty blooming shocking. And only the last 50km of the women’s race was broadcast too. And it was one hell of a race too.

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Well, Lizzie Deignan actually gets the same amount of prize money because Trek is cool about it and chips in the difference. But no thanks to white-haired ASO.


Is that true? That’s immense. Not right of course, they shouldn’t need to at all, but that’s a proper marker in the sand.
Hopefully race organisers don’t see it as a reason not to bother.

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