Fitness equal to watts

As I put together my training plan, Training peaks has a projected fitness level. Is there a way to understand what that might mean for my projected watts or percentage of improvement?

When you mean projected fitness, do you mean the CTL/ATL and form (TSB) graph?

If so, no, it’s not directly related to watts per se, but it kind of is. It’s related to overall TSS based upon FTP. So if you have an FTP of 200 and do 10 hours riding in the week with an average normalised power of 150W you’ll have a weekly TSS of 562. This is lead to a CTL of approx 80 (if you did that every week). If you have an FTP of 300, and did 10 hours a week with a normalised power of 200W you’d have a weekly TSS of 400, and a CTL of just 57…

Yes, I am interested in setting a watts goal for my training plans. Also, I have an event in 19 weeks and want to begin to set expectations, strategy and goals.

I am 3/4 of the way through the all purpose plan and my HM scores were improvements. Progress is motivating.

Thank you!