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I am new here. I am reading an testing all about wahoo X. So far, I like the concept a lot. I have some questions that are unanswered for now.

-Can I monitor my fitness (form, fatigue) levels somewhere? I do not mean by 4DP or FTP.
-Can I check my recovery somewhere (via rest heart rate input)?

If this is not on the platform yet, do you think these are features that one day will be here?

Hey @MatthiasC welcome to the forums.

I use to monitor fitness/fatigue/form. It’s free and offers a ton of analysis that you really can’t get anywhere else unless you pay for it.

I hope Wahoo does provide this type of monitoring and more in the future but at present the answer to your question is no.

That said, there’s tons of great info on training tips etc etc on The Knowledge Podcast by wahoo where their sport scientists talk about almost anything you can imagine. I binge listened on a 3.5 hour road trip and the time flew by :sunglasses:


HEy @Glen.Coutts, thank you

I also use and like to give me insights.

I also love Wahoo, so I will be patient and looking forward to the next features they will bring us.


I use two products: EliteHRV to track Heart Rate Variability and the Premium level of TrainingPeaks to track my overall Fitness. may provide some levels of tracking as well, but I haven’t looked into it. It may be just what you need, for now. there is one advantage to the Premium TP enrollment and that is a coach can also look at the data and provide insights.


I join the users, has been really good for analyzing I also have free Training peaks account, and also I use a whoop, for me it has been a good tool for monitoring recovery, but I know also there’s many people who don’t like it, to each their own! :slight_smile:

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For rested state … I’ve used Training Peaks a while back. That tended to correlate a fair bit to how I felt. Have used others as well including which I find that harder to navigate (using the paid for service) - but the basic form and fitness graph works fine. I don’t really use any of these for form or fitness anymore though. I use them for more general stats sometimes.

You mentioned heart rate.
That’s pretty much all I actually use now. When resting HR goes up a few bpm it’s take it easy time. And when it comes down I’ll Get back in it.
I use my watch to tell me that. (Old Apple Watch which is good enough)

I have used HRV three times with various diff devices. Pretty much found that useless. The number of times it’s higher the night and day after a Nine Hammers day (and would be telling me I was a mess the morning before the workout) are too numerous to count.


I have just downloaded app and need some guidance regarding the data and how to use it and what the various things relate to and how the numbers relate to me or the workout as there doesn’t seem to be any instructions how to use or evaluate the data. Here is an example of a workout yesterday…
Load 36…Fitness 35…Fatigue 46…Form -11… Ramp 3.5.


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Once you click a workout/ride you’ve done the top part of the chart has a bunch of data. If you click any one of those items a little pop-up pops up with a definition/explanation of what that item refers to.

There’s also a forum and a guide
The forum is here:

And the guide is here:

The forum is setup much the same way as the forums here.

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What Glen said.

In short: Form - Fitness - Fatigue are all in the equasion.

You get fitness by training. Your fatigue gets also bigger by training. The difference between those two is your form of the day. When you are training a lot your fatigue should be bigger than your fitness. When you have a goal that you are approaching you should rest more. Your fatigue gets a lot lower, your fitness gets a bit lower. The result is a better Form.

The graph also shows you when to rest more (when your fatigue stays in the red).


Thanks all, very helpful. Cheers

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@Martin i gave up on HRV as well. I think it doesn’t really work day to day but is better for longer term trends.

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Actually, I find HRV to be the BEST indicator of overtraining/fatigue/illness. Not one other marker does this. It is interesting to see trends as well versus CTL. One thing is you have to be using one of the better programs AND using a compatible device. Wahoo TICKER/TICKRX were removed from the list with the program I’m using because they weren’t anywhere near reliable. I can testify that I could take two readings, back to back, and they gave extremely different results. Even my Garmin Fenix was more reliable.

This is interesting. I’ve had a wholly unremarkable experience with HRV. It was a waste of time (for me). Always with a tickr though. I’ve just bought a Garmin hrm, so may revisit. Pro tip, thank you.

HRV is sometimes an interesting beast. I know it was spot on this week as I was not feeling up to par and that was very much predicted.

@jmckenzieKOS - since you have had success with HRV (and I have not), did it ever tell you anything that your body was not telling you anyway?

Actually, yes. I was going to do a long ride one day and my HRV was about 4S. I went out anyway because I felt good. About half way through the ride, I had to dial back, quickly, to a recovery pace. I almost had to call for a pickup as my heart rate increased dramatically (but not to aFib rates). I ended up having to take an extra rest/recovery day after that.

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