Forum Idea: Pinned Free Chat Thread

I wouldn’t mind having a dedicated thread or something for random chit chat or posts that don’t warrant a full thread. Little accomplishments, random funny stories, pictures from rides, etc. I know a few threads like that exist for certain topics but a pinned broader free chat thread might be nice. Maybe pin a new one every month so it doesn’t get too big?

Edit: For clairty, this isn’t because I think there are too many threads currently, but once or twice I felt like sharing something small. Didn’t really think it deserved a thread so I didn’t make one.


I thought that’s what this place was for About the The Nine Hammers Tavern (General Chat) category

A standard chat box is some thing I also feel is missing in the discourse environment.
Back in the vbulletin days, it was a great way for random chit chat, setting up some kind of meet etc…
Chat box is better suited than a general topic, my 2 cents.