Full Frontal done - what goals to set next?

I’m two weeks in to The Sufferfest, and the app has recommended me to improve my MAP, so i’m onto the MAP Building Block plan for the next 4 weeks.

But what’s a good longer term goal to set? My MAP was 279. Is it fair to say that could be 300 in 4 weeks? In 6 months, could it be 400?

Same for my FTP - 228 @ 2.92w/kg. It is reasonable to aim for 250 in 3 months time? 300 in 12 months time?

Obviously it depends on my age (39), how many years i’ve been riding seriously (8), etc. but any % tip increases would be great from anyone in the know.


Welcome @Imminent! For me, a goal needs to be more than a number. For example, Knighthood, Everesting, a double imperial century etc. By setting these goals and using SUF to reach them, my 4DP metrics typically go up as a consequence of training. That’s not to say I don’t have goals of improving my metrics it’s just that that isn’t, for me at least, the most motivating.

If you haven’t already tried it, I’d highly recommend doing the Mental Toughness Plan within SUF. It has helped me immeasurably to identify, set and achieve goals I’d never even thought possible.


Thanks! Not the response I was expecting but the one I needed. I’ve set my Mt Sufferlandria target, so perhaps should pick a training plan that works toward that.

I just felt that coming out of the Full Frontal test, it was a good monthly target to set some metric goals, as my Mt Suff one is probably a year away, logistically and from a fitness POV.


@Imminent I think super specific improvements such as say increasing MAP by 28% from baseline at the start of season, I think is something best left to the world elite pros as being this specific has so many pitfalls for us mere mortals. However, I do believe that setting a broader more attainable goal such as, I would like to get the KOM for such and such a segment or I really want to PR this or that makes it more general and well rounded therefore attainable opposed to specific improvements.
My current Mt. Sufferlandia is that I have a specific century event that I would like to ride in under 6:00:00 and if I complete it in 5:59:59, Im taking that as a win and then we are going to work on it cuz you know I can do better than one second.


Good thread.

Not sure there’s a right answer here other than what works for the individual — as what motivates us is different.

For what it’s worth as another individual - I use the 4DP metrics as a goal within a wider goal of being able to do more when I’m MTB’ing.
But I can’t metrically measure MTB’ing in the same way I can metrically measure 4DP. When MTB’ing there’s even more variables involved for me so I use 4DP as a ‘mechanism’.

Arguably either (MTB efforts stats or 4DP) of these are just ‘measures of my own making’ and subject to all the vagaries of a human body having a good/bad/medium day etc etc. just what I choose to measure myself by.

As far as actual numbers goes I’m ok personally with me setting a number but i do find these numbers are much much smaller.
So last year I aimed for a 2% increase (240 to 245) in 20 min power. It actuallly went down after a few plans (by the measure of a few 4DP’s). Hey ho. I was still ‘fitter and healthier in body and mind’ for trying.
This year I did the same, this time it is going up a few percent. But that’s it. 1-2% a year down (and up) barring as some have said - people who are new to the sport, detrained, maybe major change in life allowing more focus/time to train or such like.

As long as there’s some fun in there …



I hear you there loud and clear! Picking a plan that will help you achieve your goals (and maybe adding in some training blocks) will also allow you to improve your metrics and make your Mt SUF even more attainable. With a BIG goal that far out are there any other motivating mini goals you can set along the way? Eg. Distance, speed, elevation, PBs on known segments? These can all help.

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Welcome Imminent. Whatever plan you decide on, it will dovetail into your personal profile. The MAP block is fine, but we can only handle so much MAP efforts so find your target, select your plan and trust the system. All will be fine

Some good advice here. I would echo the comments about not making your goals all about numbers; whilst seeing the numbers trend upwards over time is a good feeling and it’s a tangible way of measuring an improvement, it’s worth remembering that most of us cycle for fun and cycling ‘by the numbers’ (as it were) will pall eventually. I got a bit too wrapped up in the numbers a couple of years back and it was very demotivating when my training suffered; I really didn’t want to see the numbers decline so I didn’t train for a while, and it spiralled from there.

Aim for an event or a real-world target, and see the numbers as the intermediate goals - hopefully that’ll be more meaningful and enjoyable than focusing on the numbers. Welcome aboard; you can never leave…

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Some wonderful responses here - thanks guys. Particularly feeling the inevitable scenario of when my second kid comes along - and my cycling stats will no doubt drop (again), and if i make it all about those numbers, i’m doomed to feel crappy about them. And they’re just numbers anyway - so long as i’m pushing myself 100%, that’s the main thing.

I guess my newbie sentiment here is pretty obvious - Sufferfest throws a lot in your face right from the get go. There’s a lot to take in, no matter how many extra yoga blocks and positive thinking videos I re-listen to!

The monthly goals are where I can set some numbers-orientated ones. But only after 3 - 6 months, when I get a sense of how my body might react to various training schedules.