Help me setup. First time user. Power metre and smart trainer


First time user trialling the new app

I use both a kickr core and stages single sided power metre crank. Quite disappointed to find powermatching isn’t a standard feature like other apps.

I want to use the power metre as my power source as I also use this for outdoor sessions.

Can someone explain to me how I should connect?

When I connect my power metre it shows the icons as though it’s connected to a smart trainer and allows me to select Erg mode or level mode (and all levels are selectable). My understanding is that this shouldnt be the case?

Can someone help?

You can connect power to your meter and control to your trainer. It’s not power matching though.

Your display will show your actual power while the Kickr is set to the target. It won’t scale the Kickr to try and place your actual power onto the target.

You can also set power matching into your Kickr’s firmware.

Hi Ben & welcome. If you haven’t already, get in touch with the support minions. They’re familiar with almost every combination of setup and will get you going. Best to go via the support link here Enjoy your trial.

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