Does the app have Powermatch currently. You can connect powermeter and then trainer as controllabl, but I read there is no Powermatch I’m confused :confused:

SYSTM does not have power match.

However, if you have a KICKR smart trainer (I can’t say for other trainers), you can set up the KICKR to receive power data from an external power meter using the Wahoo app (not SYSTM), so you can achieve power match by proxy.


Ah ok thanks

@titanicus So this would work for using my 4iiii PM as a power source in SYSTM instead of my Kickr Snap (and ERG mode working correctly)? I’ve read conflicting comments about it. Some have said setting “Control w/ANT+ Power Meter” only works for workouts done using the Wahoo app.

I’ve not tried this as I am still saving up for a power meter on my bike. The way I understand it, you connect your 4iiii power meter and your Snap to the app and make sure you:

toggle image at your Snap and
toggle image at your 4iiii unit.

The Snap will set the correct power through the ERG mode (as usual), but now your power meter will read the actual power you put out into your cranks.

I’m curious to see if others have done this in practise and can confirm it actually works.

@TrapMeSuf The problem with that setup is the Snap power readings would be controlling ERG, but completely different power readings (from the 4iiii) would be displayed on the screen. Not ideal if there’s a big difference between the 2.

Ideally, the 4iiii PM power readings would be used to control the resistance (like you can with TrainerRoad using their PowerMatch option). The “Control w/ANT+ Power Meter” option in the Wahoo app sounds promising. I’ll test it later this week when I get chance.

I see what you’re saying. That does make sense. Let us know how you get on.

I will admit to not having tried it but, after setting the “control …” in the Wahoo app, I believe that following @TrapMeSuf ‘s advice will give you the results you want (4iiii power meter reporting to SYSTM and controlling the Snap).

The way I understand it to work is with Powermatch, the power meter is used for power, and the power requested from the trainer is adjusted to compensate for the difference. In my experience briefly trying this a while ago, I found it introduced unacceptable lag in trainer power response. I haven’t tried it for a while so it may have been improved since then.

This doesn’t work, because there is no logic in the workout player to adjust for the impedance between the two power sources.

ERG control is tied to a power target, so either your display will be off or the Kickr will never settle, causing it to chase the displayed power but never arrive.

This depends on whether STSTM reads power for control from the Kickr or the pedals. In either case, it would be frustrating. Wahoo states that you should set both control and display to the same device for ERG mode.

If it’s the case that the power displayed is way off the target power, but the ERG is functioning normally, then you know the difference between the power meter and your training power numbers. This will allow you to figure out what numbers to aim for when out and about. That’s at least something.

If it’s the case that the Snap never settles - having two toggles is useless and may as well be joined into one.

I’m gonna ask :santa: real nice to bring me a power meter. If he does, I’ll experiment with it and revive this thread in December.

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@TrapMeSuf I’m going to test setting the “Control w/ANT+ Power Meter” option in the Wahoo app, then running a SYSTM workout in ERG later - I’ll let you know how I get on.

I’ve found this article which suggests it should work:


@TrapMeSuf Managed to test it last night - there was good news and bad news…

The bad news - setting the “Control w/ANT+ Power Meter” option in the Wahoo app didn’t do anything. It still used the power from my Kickr Snap in SYSTM (and even in Workout mode in the Wahoo app).
I’ve since read that option only works with direct drive Kickrs - so odd they offer it as an option for Kickr Snaps :man_shrugging:.

The good news - I only wanted power match in SYSTM as my Kickr Snap was reading 20w-30w lower than my PM. I’ve recently found out about a “Factory Spindown” that’s hidden away in the Wahoo app though (it’s different to the standard spindown). After doing the Factory Spindown the Snap is pretty much bang on with my PM now :ok_hand: - I dual-recorded an easy workout to test it:

So no need for power match now the Snap is in the same ballpark as my PM.


The “Control w/ANT+ Power Meter” option in the Wahoo app is known not to work with the Snap. Works with all other Kickr models, though. The frustrating thing, at least the last time I checked a while back (I got rid of my Snap), the Wahoo app and the Wahoo support site both don’t communicate this exception.

When I inquired with the Minions, they asked the Wahoo product manager who confirmed … the Snap doesn’t support this feature.


Good stuff, thanks for sharing, that’s really helpful.

I think I recognise the workout :zap: :electric_plug:

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