Improvement Expectations

All, I’m 58, always in somewhat decent shape and started biking in August on a Trek FX3, liked it enough that by fall I had a new Kickr Core and started to suffer. 6’2", I currently weigh around 190, down from 230 back in m weightlifting days. Floundered through my first FF after using sufferfest for a month or so at the end of December-
NM - 784W
AC - 326W
MAP - 188W
FTP - 137W
Test results were valid although my FTP numbers didn’t all come from the 20 minute test.

I loosely followed a gran fondo plan prior to and did most of the TOS nuclear although I did have to dial it back on HIE. Nine hammers was always easily doable so I figured my FTP test number was low. Re tested at the start of March and absolutely nailed FF. I mean my pacing was spot-on for everything except the NM and I was trashed after each interval.

NM - 784W
AC - 392W
MAP - 206W
FTP - 152W
AC numbers were adjusted down to max of 190% of MAP.

I was kind of disappointed with the modest improvements in FTP and MAP after seeing the type of improvements others have made. I’m wondering now what FTP goal I should set for the end of the year? Is 200 reasonable, or not enough? I need a goal so that when I hit it I can justify buying a new road bike :slight_smile: . Really, I’ll buy it either way, LOL. Also, any advice for plan I should work on along with more outdoor mies?? TIA for any feedback.

I wouldn’t call a 10% improvement in FTP and MAP “modest”, that’s a solid gain! You might have another 10% gain / 12 week plan in you, but probably not more than one. :wink:

In terms of n+1, my personal discipline in this area was to wait at least a year between purchases, and I made it to 18+ months before picking up a cross bike last fall which I’m thrilled with.

Plans are very dependent on what you want to do and how many hours/week you have. If you want do as much riding outdoors as possible, definitely choose one of the plans that includes outdoor rides. I often sub out recovery/endurance indoor rides with outdoor rides, just have to be careful not to go too hard.

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Thx. Was thinking modest in terms of the first test probably being a little low. Anyway, guess the gains can be greater if starting out small👍