KoS quest is on my calendar

I’ve done 2 KOS quests. A big factor with the choice of intensity is the length and intensity of the videos you choose.

My first was shorter with only 1 video of 60 minutes or longer. But my second was a lot longer with 6 videos over 60 minutes, and I did 11 including Blender, Cobbler, ISLAGIATT, and Violator.

The shorter first one I think my intensities matched @JSampson’s almost exactly. 1-3 @ 80%, 4-6 @ 75%, 7-8 @ 70%, 9 @65%, 10 @ 80%. So lots of higher intensities.

For my longer second one, tho I needed lower intensities to be able to make it through those longer workouts plus the extra one on the end. I started at 70% for the first 2. Did Violator at number 3 in level mode. Switched to 65% midway through number 4. Kept 65% for number 5. Then was at 60% for 6-10. Did number 11 at 55%. Even at 60 and then 55% low Z2 power felt like riding threshold.


Two general questions:

  1. On the long days on the prep plan are those intended to be at 100% or something lower given the 4 - 5 hour time frame?

  2. Are they intended to be done with a 10 minute break for practice sake?

Do you mean the 5 rides back to back session?
If you’re referring to that, I did actually take a sneak peak into it, the metrics are all ‘coach adjusted’ in SYSTM itself.

I would also believe that it’s a good idea to get a feel of taking the 10 minutes break and perhaps have a change of cycling kit.


@DarrenWCKam I guess if I had opened the rides I would have seen that, thanks. That makes more sense.

Oh @Critmark, the rides are supposed to be done in order too as I read in the program just like the Violator-Fursa-GOAT session :smiley:

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I saw that in the ride profiles. It states First, Second, Third…

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I was tempted to do Violator-GOAT-Fursa until I read the description. So I was like, ‘Okay, yes sir. Will do as I am told to’ :sweat_smile:


Technical question here. When I am in my Pain Cave i get spotty internet, at best. So I download all my rides and will do likewise for my KoS attempt.

However, last night I did two rides and my internet dropped out early in the first ride. When I was done it said the usual “sync pending”. But even before I started the second ride, that disappeared.

I completed the second ride and took my laptop into the house. It connected and both rides did sync, even though the first did not show as pending. In fact it didn’t show at all until I reconnected to the internet.

It is highly likely that on the day of my quest, none of the rides will load until I finish and go back into the house with some or all ‘sync pending’. So my questions:

  1. Is that going to be a problem having ten rides pending for Systm to capture?
  2. With them all syncing at the same time, will that impact the time of start and finish for purposes of qualifying for the quest?

@Craig.Quarmby the Quest is still on my calendar. Injuries have gotten in the way this year. :sob:

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Hopefully you are on the mend. The castle awaits!

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Sorry to hear @RoseYarrow and hope things are heading in a better direction now. Great to hear it’s on your calendar still. When you say “on your calendar” are you far enough past the injuries to have set a date? You may find it a great carrot (or bag of rusty nails) to work towards as you come out of that injury phase. Good luck!


That sucks. Recover well!

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Thank you @Glen.Coutts!

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Thanks Sir Craig! Since I was aiming for this month, I’m five months behind. The shoulder and adductor injuries are much better, but need to continue to strengthen both. A new target would be the November timeframe and our ride today of 40m should be a good start. We’ll be passing through Dover Ma so maybe I’ll see Sir Jon @JSampson??


@RoseYarrow Today I was in the woods on MTB but let me know the next time you are around!

Five months will fade into nothing when you do it! (The nice type of Sufferlandrian Time Warp.) Take good care as you move out of the injury phase - my shoulder surgery mid last year is still fresh enough to remember! The Castle isn’t going anywhere.

Hope you had a great ride today :partying_face::biking_woman:


Day 1 of my official 4 week Knighthood prep. Work the plan and then crush it. Sounds simple enough. Not sure if that makes me confident, cocky, delusional, some combination of the three or???

One question on the training plan. On the long Sunday where the coaches have scaled back some parts of the rides, do I need to delete the download I already have on my computer and re-download to get the modified versions?

Nope. Just make sure you open the vid from your calendar. Otherwise the adjustments won’t be made.

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