Knighthood on 28th May 2022

So I have started the 5-weeks KoS prep plan for my attempt to storm the castle on 28th May. Hopefully all will be well and this is definitely going to be a life changing experience. The first 2 rides in the plan is really pretty much a prep to what’s on the Suffer menu in the coming days and weeks. Thank goodness it’s the start is an easy one and could have begged for slightly higher intensities but nevertheless, it’s good to be able to start a little easier.

Plans the next 5 weeks:
Week 1 - Experiment on stuff like chamois cream and fuelling strategies (especially during the long weekend rides)

Week 2 - Experiment with fuel intake on the bike, practice changing cycling wear during the 10 minutes break in between each ride and roller-turbo and turbo-roller transition

Week 3 - Ride plan and feeding plan for the Knighthood attempt and post on this forum/social media during the long weekend rides.

Week 4 - Putting into practice fuelling strategy, ride plan, feeding plan, transitions and cycling wear changing. Perhaps see a doctor this week too :joy:

Week 5 - Carb and protein loading period and prepare all the weapons, armours and whatever else is needed to storm the castle.

I am excited about the Quest and would love to seek advices from our HONOURable Knights.

For HONOUR, GLORY and Victory!


Have you set your line-up yet?

As with many on here, it sounds like you’re doing your homework and being meticulous in your leap to the unknown.


You’ve got this!


To be really honest, nothing really concrete yet. :joy: I only have 2 rides in my mind now competing for the 7th spot and the 10th spot.

Our Knights did mention to put the favourite ride on the 7th spot and the favourite of all favourites at the very last.

Still considering… are you planning to storm the castle yourself anytime soon?


Hahaha it’s been a homework in the making for the last 1 to 2 months. One can never be over prepared for something this big and GLORIOUS.

It’s a leap of faith. Hahaha. We all suffer well don’t we?

Hey @DarrenWCKam, sounds like you have things well in hand. Enjoy the planning :slight_smile:

I had coveted the OG decals and kit from my first foray into Sufferlandria in 2015. My planning was almost a full year following the ToS in 2017. There was no Knighthood prep plan then, but there was a Mental Training Plan which I fully utilized (and 100% recommend) to help me identify Knighthood as my personal Mt. Sufferlandria. My planning, like yours, involved nailing down nutrition/hydration, kit changes, finding a solution for cramps, what could be accomplished over 10 short minutes etc.

I planned and quested “together” with a local badass who completed her entire quest on rollers and will forever be my inspiration. 'Twas a bit of back and forth with spreadsheets and such as we bartered on the rides and their order. So much fun in the planning, not so much fun in the implementation :stuck_out_tongue: but all the glory upon completion plus decals :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

So, while the new decals aren’t quite as cool as the OG ones, they’re still pretty sweet and look fabulous on the new steed


Yes, I am thinking about Father’s Day, June 19th. My wife said I could do anything I wanted to do on that day, so that seems like a good day for an assault on the castle.


Lots of resources out there but here’s my two pence worth…
-10 minutes ISN’T 10 minutes on Quest day. Set a timer for 8 just incase
-cooler close by with pre-charged waterbottles with fluids of choice.
-kit changes predetermined, and located handy to the pitstop
-laptop plugged in and videos downloaded.
-nothing new on race-day…snacks, bagels, bars, etc. tried and true

Get ready to Suffer—It’s glorious!!


Hey Sir Glen! The 5 weeks planning is and has to be really meticulous and I hope I am not missing out an fine details. Speaking about planning, I actually had the idea of attempting the Knighthood last year but I guess life got ahead of me and having a change of job didn’t help much but to delay things until this year.
Oh good God, you just pointed out one very important thing to me which I totally overlooked, solution for cramps! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have completed the Mental Training Plan earlier, albeit, not completing according to the calendar, but yes, I managed to identify the personal Mount Sufferlandria which is really useful. The Positive Self-Talk module is something I will definitely find it useful. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

The decals before SYSTM is definitely prettier and thankfully managed to download a copy of the Sufferlandria Coat of Arms and will be putting that as my mobile phone’s wallpaper to remind myself of this personal goal I have set myself for. :star_struck: :star_struck:

Your running mate quested entirely on a roller? :scream: I only wished I am able to get off the saddle whilst on the roller as I have tried once and toppled off the bike. That’s the reason why I will be transitioning from rollers to the turbo and vice-versa.

I am still yet to determine the rides I will be doing and which order but I do know I will definitely be doing the Attacker, GOAT and Team Scream, which means I still have 7 more rides to decide.


All the best to you @Critmark!
That’s a good support you have from your wife. I hope she doesn’t think you are mad.

My parents certainly think I am mad. Hahaha :joy:


I used to have horrible, debilitating and ride ending cramps especially after riding more than 4 hours with few breaks despite being generally well hydrated and managing electrolyte replacement.

My 2 strong recommendations are:

  1. be very very aware of being hydrated and not just on the day of the event (that too obviously), but at least for a good few days ahead of time. Think very pale, almost clear pee.

  2. ymmv but I have found this stuff is able to stop a cramp in its tracks. Literally, if I am starting to cramp or start to feel the sensation that I am about to start cramping, I swig a bottle of this and GONE. For my quest I took one bottle prior to each ride after my 2nd video and tried not to dilute it too quickly with swigs of water.

Here is what I use, pricey but worth every penny, imo.

Other folks swear by pickle juice which I have found has worked well for me too but the HotShots were just more convenient especially on looooooong events.

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It is SUCH a personal decision, picking vids for your quest hey! Neither of these were out when I did mine but all 3 are absolute winners.

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I totally agree with you Sir Ron especially on the 10 minutes not really being 10 minutes. Had my first taste of it about 3 weeks ago after attempting to do 3 MAP sessions back-to-back.

Oh yes, I shall make full use of the cooler I have to cool the drinks I have in mind. I am mainly going to keep hydrating on electrolytes, hopefully that will be a good solution to cramps like what Sir @Glen.Coutts mentioned. I might need to have a few sachets of rehydrating salts too just in case.
Oh yes, those cold packs would definitely be helpful too.

This is definitely something to keep in mind too, together with chamois cream and some face towels too. I will mainly be a stand fan I have. Maybe I should get another one to cover the back.

Totally! I don’t want to bonk on race day. That’s the worse feeling and experience ever.
I do have an idea of what to munch on while on the bike:

  • Egg sandwich
  • Chicken sandwich
  • Gels
  • Roasted meat
  • Banana and banana smoothies
  • Granola bars
  • Plain yogurt with honey (maybe, just maybe)

Suffering for the nation!


+1 on real food. While I had gels and bars and such it was the sandwiches I enjoyed the most.


Hmmm, I will have to ensure that I am drinking enough water during the weekdays at work. You know sometimes when were are at work, we tend to not drink enough even though we tell ourselves to do so. I am guilty of that myself. Nevertheless, a good pointer there. Thank you so much!

This is something new, I am not too sure if this is even available in Malaysia. Even the gels I am accustomed to, GU, is kind of hard to come by. I did try those cakes from Decathlon once and it’s not something I prefer since it’s a little dry and mild to the taste.

Hahaha, I would think the sandwiches would be the best thing in the world while attempting the Knighthood


yeh, probably not :frowning: I live in Canada and shipping here doubles the cost as there is no Canadian distributor. What have you done for cramps in the past? I know you’ve got the 5 week plan in progress but what is your planned date?

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Not only is she going to let me do it, she s going to run food, drinks and kit changes for me.

She absolutely thinks I’m mad!


I would need to check that shop which sells the GU gels if they have anything else which may help with reducing the risks of getting the cramps. I am not all too sure if those salt tablets will be of great help though… :thinking:

Previously, I pour a sachet of those oral hydration salt (the ones people use if they have diarrhoea). That seems to help as I remember but I think it’s still important to keep on-top of hydration with electrolytes by any case.

D-Day is scheduled for 28th May, so I believe there’s enough time to get the body accustomed to load and the nutrition plan I have in mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s really good to hear.
My mother’s on-board to help me with the on-the-fly meals. At least that’s sorted in a way.
The only thing I would need to worry about is really the transitioning between rollers and the turbo and kit changes.

Madness is just part of the equation :rofl:

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If you’re going to use the chamois cream, put it on the spare shorts before you start the quest to save precious time while changing. If you have spare gloves those are good to have to. Have your “minion” get the face towel wet (preferably with warm water, not cold like my wife did) and pass it over in the last 30-45 seconds of the ride so you can clean up a little before the 10 (really 8-9) minutes starts.

Dry socks every couple of videos too. I did my quest in winter so I put them over a heater vent to dry them out between changes, worked like a charm and kept the jungle foot away.