L/R balance

I have lower back/core issues causing a L/R imbalance up to 55/45. I’ve had this for ten years. I am working on this but it is something that will stay. This results in a lot more fatigue in my left leg on long rides.

This last year I noticed for the first time that my left upper leg is becoming noticeably bigger than my right leg.

Of course I am going to see a professional to work on this, but i would like to start now with some exercises focused on the muscles in my right leg.

Any suggestions?

I would be interested in any answer as I have the same 55/45 imbalance unless I consciously push harder with my right leg during a workout. Also my upper left leg is a bit bigger than my right too!

Off the top of my head I know the workout Elements of Style has single leg work as well as other pointers on improving your pedal stroke. I’d start there.

I would be interested to hear other suggestions for the our Wahoo Coaches.

Another initial thought would be single leg squats or Bulgarian Split Squats to target your weaker leg. This would be treating the symptom though, and not correcting the problem.

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