Leader's Jersey Challenge!

We have a new challenge for this year:
Taking a cue from other (lesser) Grand Tours, this year we’re introducing a Leader’s Jersey and Points Jersey competition. The jerseys are one-of-a-kind, made by storied Swiss performance apparel manufacturer Cuore, who also make the SUF kit. These will be sized to the winner and will make you the envy of all Sufferlandrians and Wahooligans.


Leader’s Jersey:

The individual (sorry, teams) who has raised the most money at the end of the Tour will be granted the Leader’s Jersey and all the rights / accolades associated therewith.

Points Jersey

The individual who has the highest number of individual donations (regardless of final total of funds raised) wins the Points Jersey. Get 1000 people to donate $1, and you could win the coveted green jersey.

Now go out there and get your fundraising on. Time is of the essence.



Just out of interest, how’s the shipping to the UK, should the winners be located there … ?