Make better use of space on today's workout cards by adding/combining info

When we have more than one activity/workout scheduled for the day, generally 3 or more, we end up with a marker indicating there are more workouts than what is displayed.

Imho, there’s not a great use of space and some of the info could be combined to shrink the activity cards displayed for today (yesterday and tomorrow). I suppose some of this is so mobile apps will be able to show the whole thing but as it stands, the workout type icon (in the image attached, it’s the strength and mobility one) is on its own row, and the next row is the name of the workout on one line, with the time of the workout below that. Still one row, but a thicker one than is needed. That row could be made thinner by moving the length of time to beside the name of the workout. Dig the cool markup skillz? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree that the space isn’t used very efficiently… and not to derail the point of the thread, hopefully just add to thinking process as the request is considered, I’ve been wishing that there were at least some basic info provided on the workout cards that tells what something is without having to open and close every item to know, as an example, what are the 4DP targets? The more that could be shown even on the cards, the easier it would be to look at one’s calendar and see possibilities for shifting items around to different days that would better fit a schedule (or in my case, the weather, since I’ll go OUTSIDE every chance I get! :smile:)
I think ICONS could be developed to show some helpful basics about the activity that enable seeing more with a glance at the cards (or a glance across the calendar week, for example.)


Yes please!

Showing this on the summary card would be great.



Changed topic to more accurately reflect request :slight_smile:


Some kind of video download status too, please :smile:
Not downloaded / downloading / downloaded.
A new command to download / delete downloaded video in 3 dot menu would be nice too :wink:.


A further enhancement along these lines, and which would possibly allow “more with less,” would be using icons that are enabled with balloons that show up when the cursor hovers over the icon. These balloons could then show text explaining themselves.

I’m not sure of limits with mobile vs PC/Mac versions, but this has been a frustration of mine even with the existing PC app: I only recently decided to use a plan for the first time, the HM and FF Test Week, and barely even used half the rides because of schedule, outdoor rides taking priority, etc.

Then last week, I finally decided to add an All Purpose plan for 12 weeks, knowing I’ll barely follow that at all, but at least it will give me ideas and new suggested ride workouts that I can delete, reschedule, etc thru the winter. As I started shifting some of these this past week, I was glad I’d “started” a plan, but quickly realized that seeing the title and length of the ride was of little help, when what I need to see is the impact of the ride i.e. 4DP focus/TSS/IF numbers. The graphic suggested by Leebo, for example, would be great. To reduce space, if needed, the card could show simply “4DP” and a balloon could pop up via cursor hovering, that shows the actual graphic. (Just realized that a 4DP icon is already used on the HM and FF actual test days, so a possible conflict of use, maybe, but surely a way to accommodate both usages could be devised.)

I use the PC app far more than the mobile, and my suggestions may be easier to incorporate there than in mobile app… But still a great improvement, I think.
There on the laptop, I can see a couple weeks of calendar at once, scrollable as needed, and gain a quick grasp of where I’ve been and where I’m headed, but only if the workout cards show more than a title and time length of ride. Icons would allow a lot of info in little space, BUT, and I think this is very important, BALLOONS are vastly more helpful than icons alone. I wondered what the icons meant that are in the top line of every workout card, and I had some idea but wasn’t always sure. A balloon for these would have quickly informed me what is intended, and then I would understand them by sight after a short time.

This feature could make the app far more user-friendly to beginners, and would make free trial periods for potential new users a much more effective tool for gaining permanent subscribers, I think.

I know icons and balloons will add more work to the folks writing the app code, but once it is adopted and patterned, I think it would be relatively easy going forward, albeit with a period of time getting all the already existing cards updated.

I seriously think SYSTM was a fantastic addition to my KICKR Bike purchase, and even as an outdoor rider who only rides indoors when it just “has to be,” I am liking the inside rides a lot more than I used to because of SYSTM. RGT hasn’t grabbed me at all because I like real video, not CG. (Others may really love it if they’re into the Zwift experience?)