Desktop home screen workout - indicate whether workout has been downloaded

When launching a workout from the home screen (I.e., the one(s) on the plan for the day - great feature btw!). It would be great if it would show whether that particular workout has been downloaded. The only way, it seems, to check that is to go into the workout folder.

Hi @Erik-KOS - great suggestion! I know this has been suggested many times in terms of workouts launched from the calendar- but this is a slight variation on that- I’ll definitely ensure this variation is included in the feature request wish list! Thanks!


Any progress on getting this implemented? I find this really frustrating as my wi-fi doesn’t reach as far as my garage reliably. really annoying to have to get off the bike, back into the house, wait for download, then head out again…

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I’m out of votes but if I had one this is a great Usability thing … wee icon is all that’s needed (and would go well with that other thread about organising so favourites can be marked with an icon as well and shown together (if rider chooses) in the workout list.

+1 from me.
This will be very very helpful :grin: