MAP or anaerobic?

Efforts are marked in colors corresponding to effort levels.
But I’m wondering.
In a 1-2 minute YELLOW (or even HIGH BLUE) following a longish recovery I won’t reach Z4, absolutely not Z5.
It’s going to be a low level anaerobic.
Am I wrong? why?

@paolodelma Are you referring to a specific workout or just generally and also are you speaking of heart rate zones or power zones? If you are doing 1 to 2 minute intervals at low cadence then you are probably right that the work is anaerobic but if you are doing 1 to 2 minute MAP intervals I would think that you would experience an aerobic workout even if the recovery period is the same 1 to 2 minutes.

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uh, it’s something I’ve been wondering often, lately.
just a matter of definition.
if I have a “mid MAP power” segment of 2 minutes after a low-Z2 recovery, I will reach Z4 maybe in the last 15 seconds.
in the Prorides videos most MAP segments are in reality surges, HR will stay Z3.
I understand anaerobic is when HR doesn’t match power, am I worng?

The colours on the power graph only refer to what they’ve been scaled from. The yellow bits are scaled from your MAP, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be a MAP effort per-se.

Like @JSampson says: it depends on the specific workout and how that’s supposed to interact with the other intervals around it.

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@paolodelma That is pretty normal for intervals. It takes some time for heart rate to adjust and that is why training with power or RPE is generally preferred.

What I’ve found useful in this regard in other apps is being able to show the HR graph overlain on the power graph. I can easily see how my HR is trending. It can take quite a few minutes for my HR to reach a steady state at a given power. On shorter intervals I can see it still trending upward at the end of the interval, not having reached its steady state rate. On closely repeated intervals, it’ll trend higher and higher on successive intervals. This is easily seen after the fact when reviewing the the workout’s data. It would be good if SYSTM had the ability to overlay the HR graph on power during the workout as all the other apps I’ve used allow, incl ZWIFT and Trainerroad.

Take a workout like Half is Easy, the 15s intervals are set at 88% of my AC, which for me is equivalent to 115% MAP or 144% of my FTP. After the 1st interval my HR is still in Z2, this does not mean the first interval is aerobic, of course not, power is what matters.