MAP vs FTP results in FF and HM

There are a quite a few posts previously on FF vs HM and the results they give, but I’ve a particular query on the MAP/FTP relationship in HM particularly. Back in Oct I did the HM, and had a MAP of 371w and FTP of 298w. Any workout which had a MAP focus then became extremely difficult and I often couldn’t hit the targets.

In early Jan I did FF and hit a MAP of 347w and an FTP of 302w (really pleased with the latter in getting over the 300w milestone). Workouts now feel spot on, and I can just about complete the most challenging MAP based sessions. However, my FF test results raised a flag as MAP is only around 115% of FTP.

So my question then is, if I did HM in the future and scored an FTP anywhere near the 300w mark, will it always give me a MAP in the range of what it was before (370w), or does it have some smarts in it that allow a lower MAP vs FTP %age? If MAP is my weakness, I’m happy to train it (love MAP based sessions) but would be wary of doing HM again if it boosts my MAP too much and makes workouts too hard again.


Sorry for hijacking …but I’d be interested in the response to this question too. Did FF last November and HM yesterday with seemingly satisfying improvements in FTP & MAP but… I’m worried that the increased MAP/FTP perhaps don’t reflect true improvements - just results of a different test! (4DP has me as a Sprinter and I gather this too tends to inflate MAP/FTP HM results. )