MY TOS PRIZE ALERT! Your chance to win a signed Bernard Hinault replica 1978 Tour de France jersey


One of my great pleasures in life is to ride with the great man himself whenever I get back to Brittany, my native homeland.

To help me raise money for the Davis Phinney Foundation, I asked Bernard if he would sign this replica jersey for me so I could give it away during the Tour.

If you fancy a chance to win this then head over to my Donation Page:

When the Tour is officially over, I will pick a winner at random.
What the winner will get:
- Signed Bernard Hinault Jersey (jersey is a replica, made in modern fabric, of the 1978 Tour de France edition, which was his first Tour de France victory)
- Signed Picture of Bernard Hinault riding at the Tour de France in 1978
(postage fees are on me).

For every $10 USD you donated, you get a chance

(so if you helped me raise $10, you have one chance. If you donated $20, you get 2 chances etc…)

NB: the amount of money I raise won’t affect your chances to win in the ToS Prize draw since I’m not eligible for any prize as I work with Wahoo and SUF.


Wow, this is such an amazing price. Chapeau, Sir Francois.

I admire your fundraising efforts. I donated, but if I win, keep the jersey - it‘s in much better hands with you.


What an awesome prize, Sir Francois. Good for you and Mr. Hinault.

What is the deadline for donations to the ToS? I don’t know if it’s brain fog setting in or what but I have searched and don’t see it on Sufferfest or DPF websites?

I will soul search in the midst of Stage 7 as right now I’m ready to throw all my beer money onto my personal page just to reach the tumbler and tshirt :rofl:
Quite certain a donation decision is something I should make when clear-headed so I’m hoping the deadline is later than the end of the tour?

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Fun! Just donated. And very jealous you get to ride with him.


Just donated.

Thank you for making something as special as ‘Norway’ …Sufferlandrians will be eternally grateful.


I started thinking about how many people have so much more unfortunate situations, like the Texans so far south of me, and all those around the world that have lost jobs and family members and friends over the last year, and how the Davis Phinney Foundation lets everyone benefit from its research and resources on its site…
It motivated me to put a bit more in the bucket than I would have otherwise. Want to share what I have while still fortunate enough to have it.


What a great prize. Definitely going to donate, one of my all-time favorites. Would look great next to my Lemond and Nelson Vales signed pictures.

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Thanks for giving us these added incentives to make donations! It’s very generous of you.


Wow, I mean… Wow!!!


Awesome prize - thank you - just pitched in with a donation :+1:

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Donated and agree with Pierre :clap:t3:


Wow! Year I was born! Donated!

Thank you all - Last entry ends with @Michael_Elder .
The draw has been made, you should all have received an email to inform you of the result.
Thank you again so much for taking part.



Congratulations to the lucky winner - and thank you again for the great price.


Thank you Sir Francois!

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