New app confusion Tickr X

I need info regarding the set up of the new app on my iPhone. I use the app exclusively with my Tickr X. All of my previous settings are gone including the most important one, the Announcement of my 1 minute intervals.

The new app doesn’t currently have such functionality for announcements.

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That means actively timing intervals is not possible?

I don’t know what you mean exactly by that so can’t answer that question specifically. I just know there’s no announcements.

Sorry what it means is that if I go for a run as I did yesterday while wearing my Tickr X HRM connected to my iPhone the app will not announce the minutes as they pass.
The message is blue tooth connected to my ear buds.
In the past the app would announce "Workout time 1 minute, work out time 2 minutes and on until I finished.
This allowed me to run 2 minutes and walk for a minute.
Now there is no announcement of the minutes as they pass. Therefore I am just running without the structure.