Voice announcements Wahoo Fitness App

Wahoo Fitness App for iOS got upgraded recently. I am not able to find a feature of voice announcements for various parameters during a workout session any more. It was a strong feature in the previous version of the application being there for many years.
Has it really been removed?

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It is not yet in the new application. I expect it will appear eventually since so many people have commented on it.


Audio announcements will indeed be returning in a future version.

I can’t provide an exact timeline especially with the upcoming holidays but know that we are working on it for sure. We had meetings about it yesterday in fact.


Were the meetings to record your voices…


Very dumb. Obviously the developer is out of touch. If this were not a free app I would be really pissed. Now I am just pissed.

@VelodavSeems like Wahoo has been through a lot over the last few years as a business so personally I welcome seeing some progress on the software.


There’s really no need for that especially as the developers are here in the forum.

If you have issues with the app please either contact support to work on getting them resolved, or to catalog what you believe is missing.


Very is very much a need for that. Change only happens when people speak up. WAHOO made a mistake Wahoo should step up and fix it.

Whoever designed this new app neglected to ask users what they liked or did not like about the app before going ahead and redesigning the app.

It could not have been tested because so many feature have been either deleted or messed up.

Today I went for my usual 4.8 km run. The distance recorded was 50% less at 2.6

The HR was 40% higher than it so have been.

The Announcements still do not work.

What else I have no idea.


I love my WAHOO TICKR X HRM but I have options as the the entire community so do not tell me what there is and is not “a need for”.

Dave Silcox


Read what was said. If you desire a feature, you have to make the devs aware. I have a feature on my device I will never use and many people don’t. Without feedback, the devs can’t adjust which feature to bring in first.

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Thank you and I am pleased that you are addressing the problems that we users are bringing to your attention. We all appreciate your efforts however I hope that you appreciate that as athletes of all ages and abilities we buy into, embrace and commit to the tech that we think is best for our needs. When someone changes the tech, especially with such profound implications, you have to know that it is disturbing. Example:
I did not know that the app had changed until I was standing in my driveway ready to run.
When I opened what up until that day was my dependable WAHOO app it was not usable and still isn’t.
Sorry to offend but really these things require planning, thoughtfulness and a sensitivity to user needs.


So the audio announcements are temporarily unavailable. I feared that. Audio announcements was one relatively unique feature for which I chose and purchased Wahoo HW in 2018 and started using it with the app.
How can I downgrade the app to have the feature back? I liked the application the way it was.
I am now forced to look for alternative apps. It is not as easy as one would think. There are probably hundreds fitness tracking apps available, but probably only few have such reach audio announcement feature like Wahoo fitness app used to have. I am testing FITIV. They understand my need. Look what they say on their WWW:
"If you’re a fitness enthusiast you may be wondering how to get the data you need during your workouts without distracting yourself or taking your eyes off the road. This is where voice notifications save the day.
What are voice notifications?
If you’ve used a fitness tracking app you’re probably familiar with the metrics they record. You can usually see your live heart rate, speed, and overall stats written out on your screens. These stats are great, but voice notifications give you a hands-free way of keeping track of this data."
[Unlock Your Fitness With Voice Notifications].
The issue is I am not able to pair Wahoo Cadence Sensor AA5B to it.

If someone has an idea, how either downgrade Wahoo Fineness App or replace it with an alternative app that has audio announcements and pairs with Wahoo sensors including the one mentioned above, pls, let me know.

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Until the new Wahoo Fitness App gets Audio Anouncements back you can get the old version for example from APK Mirror:

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@Velodaver There is a beta group Dave. Log your issue with support so that they can be addressed. Unconstructive comments and insults are not helpful and run against forum guidelines.


Hi Thomas,
thank you. I went to the site. I think it is for Android phones, right? I have an iPhone. Would you know how to downgrade the Wahoo Fitness app on an iPhone?

Yes the link is for Android and I don’t know of a iOS analog of it. I don’t have an iPhone but supposedly this could work:

  1. Open the App Store app on your phone and navigate to your Account page by selecting the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Purchased to bring up a list of all your purchased and/or downloaded apps linked to that iCloud account.
  3. Scroll through the list to find the app you want to install.
  4. Hit the cloud icon with the downward arrow beside the app’s name to begin downloading the old version of it.

If it does not work try to search the web and tell us if you found a way to resolve this.

Otherwise you have to wait until wahoo is implementing it again in the new version. Since audio announcements are on the roadmap you even have personal feedback from wahoo.
As you can see wahoo cares about it’s users and is actively trying to help and trying to improve the app based on hopefully constructive feedback they get and care a lot about.

Sometimes a deadline to roll out wins, even if the developers, testers, managers etc. are not happy yet. There is always something you can/want to improve but at some point you have to release. Most of anything is a tradeoff.


I want to echo perhaps the loss of the audio updates. These are incredibly valuable abd it seems to be a huge oversight to have removed it. Was surprised by the app update also but I do see the desire to improve things which is a good thing, but maybe dev’s should be more aware that removing features usually upsets the user base. I also would recommend more flexibility on the settings. I used to use Nike as I could set updates as short as 250m but moved to wahoo when I got my tickr x hrm and so far really like it. Please enable us to set also a combination of time and distance updates as this really helps with pacing during events and training…

Really hope this gets a high priority… I start my next marathon training cycle on Jan 1 and really need this feature back!!!


Please work on this ASAP. As other have commented, it was a stong feature in the legacy app. The upgarde is not that. I see no improvements, just the loss of voice commands

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I cannot but agree with @Velodaver and @RaP. I can add that voice cues have been removed also from the Android version. This is catastrophic! There are many other bugs and inconveniences in the new app, e.g. trying to input an auto lap distance which isn’t an integer number of km causes a “NaN” error, trying to add a new type of workout sometimes creates a copy, sometimes not, the map is smaller than before, etc. The “update” should not have been released before being properly tested!

IMHO, the best thing Wahoo can do now is to immediately return to the previous, working version of the Wahoo Fitness app, and refrain from updating it until the update has passed properly through quality control.

Any update on the audio announcements? This is a feature I really rely on for training and have started training for the london marathon… Much harder to do intervals and the like without the audio announcements…

The holidays slowed things down a bit but we’re diving full on into this feature as our first major chunk of work for the year.