New prizes added! Col Collective cycling kit sized to the winner!

Saddle-averse Mike Cotty, your guide in workouts like Getting Away With It and GOAT, is generously donating two Col Collective cycling kits (jersey and shorts), one male and one female, sized to the winner. These are produced in Switzerland by Cuore, the same manufacturer that makes the new SUF kits. Remember, the more you fundraise, the more chances you have to win.

Even if you don’t win, you can order one of these beauties yourself through CUORE | The Col Collective

Mike’s Col Collective Cycling Tour outfit has been hit pretty hard by COVID, so I’m sure he’d appreciate any kit orders (plus, they look the business). Check them out!


Since Mike never sits down, how do we know the shorts even have a Chamois?


Only one way to find out…mwahahahahahha


His ‘Across the Mountains’ video in the Inspirational section is incredible.Well worth a watch.

One definitely for after the TOS!


Already got mine -a big Col collective fan - could always use another ! Really well made and fits great !

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I was randomly riding to a YouTube cycling motivation style video for a No Vid recently and lo and behold, they had cuts from La Tour and then switched to Mike riding the same section of road. The contrast was unreal. Preferred being able to see the scenery without the crowds in Mike’s video but boy does he make those climbs seem effortless. At least the pros have the decency to look like they’re suffering


They look great! The “mountains” on the sooks remind me of the very best Mavic sock design.

But… why do the Bibs have Chamois, thought with Mike Cotty’s strategy (never sit) this is just abolishable
weight? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, but the range has to accommodate us mere mortals who, unlike Sir @michael.cotty , have to sit down occasionally…


The chamois is great to dry the car off after washing, at least that’s what I use it for. Don’t have any other need for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hear chamois are also good at distracting laser goats. Close kin etc. Not that @michael.cotty would ever have anything to fear from laser goats, mind you.

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Shocking content: I have just realized that the end of “Getting away with it” has video evidence of Mike SITTING! Descending, sure, but my world will never be the same…

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@Alex_Nedovizii Yes I noticed that today as well. :grinning:

I guarantee he’s doing a classic descent with his butt about 5mm off the saddle so he can turn the bike purely by weighting the pedals.


Saddle adverse. Like it.

What a great prize!

I did “Getting Away With It” for the first time today, as part of the ToS recovery program. It brought back wonderful memories of a trip to the Pyrenees in 2017. Of course one does the Tourmalet, but just as wonderful were the Cirque du Gavarnie and Luz Ardiden that Michael describes in these videos. Although I must admit that the workout seemed easier than I remembered those climbs. Must be the Sufferfest training :wink:!


Seems the Cuore shop is closed when you click on the Col Collective apparels. Tell me it’s temporary.