New to me bike day

Just did my first spin on the new bike! A 2017 argon 18 nitrogen. My first ever carbon bike and carbon wheels. I’m just blown away by the acceleration. I’ve recently moved to Houston and have been trying to keep up on fast group rides with an aluminum gravel bike with slick 32’s, an Orbea terra h30, which I love. It’s more aggressive than anything I’ve ever owned. But horses for courses!


Lovely! Enjoy it, repeatedly.

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I thought the background looked familiar - that’s the San Jacinto site, isn’t it?

Welcome to the Argon 18 club btw, they’re wonderful machines! Yours looks gorgeous!

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“New to me” is a good way to go! Is that Ultegra Di2? Very nice!

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Nice bike and a very small frame, probably the limit for 700c wheels (what size is it) here’s my 45cm Planet X Stealth with 650c wheels


Thanks! Yep, the San Jacinto monument. Not a bad ride just have to dodge all the trucks from the refineries.

Thanks! I lived in Montreal for a while and saw Argons all the time. Someone local was selling it and I couldn’t say no. I think I’m in love

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Thanks! It’s ultegra mechanical. Fanciest group set I’ve ever used

Thanks! Yeah. It’s an xsmall on their sizing. That’s a pretty red. How do you like it with the 650c’s?

Will do!

What part of Houston do you live in? Im on the Westside and ride with the Katy Cycling Club.

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Clear lake area. I’ve been riding with South Houston and Space City

TBH I have only just got it and not been out on it yet, saw it on EBAY for £300 and couldn’t resist especially as it was a small size and I am only 5’4" tall. AT 69 years old I only did my first TT on my road bike a few weeks back. I still need to get out on it to set it up properly and practice riding in an aero position. I have made a few mods though. New saddle, got a carbon 50mm deep rim and built a front wheel and made a pair of disc covers for the back wheel.

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