New Year's weight loss rant

Anyone else just want a space to rant about weight loss?


Joined SUFF Oct 2020 after sinking about as low as I could get life-wise. 51yo, 5’8/1.73m, 88.5kg, bad knees, G/I issues, stress, etc. 20 years off the bike, was glad to get back to it.

First year in, dropped 25lbs/11kg then just…stopped. Been hovering around 170lbs/77kg the past three months. I track food intake daily, and follow a holistic, macronutrient-based diet. I do SYSTM bike/strength/yoga, as well as lots of walking, hiking, and bodyweight strength work (military background), 7-10 hours/week.

I well understand plateaus, but I can’t seem to get off this one. Currently working on a 2000Kcal/day baseline, which I’ve no problem maintaining, but it seems like my now-53yo metabolism has just decided this is where it wants me to be. I’ve tried to go lower, but then find it a REAL challenge to get the macros (esp. protein) I need to fuel my fitness training and work/daily life.

And yes, BF% continues to decrease, muscle density continues to improve, 4DP #'s are steadily climbing (nearly doubled FTP to date from start of program), and I generally feel worlds better. All more important metrics than weight, so all is well. But my racing weight (granted 20yrs ago) was 160lbs/72.5kg, and I’d love to get at least somewhere back in that range - plus the bonus boost to my power/weight ratio.

Just finding it really frustrating that despite understanding the science and doing what I need to be doing, my body is just :fu:t2:.

Rant over. Would love to hear from others. Happy New Year.


I (48yo/5"9’) plateaued at 75kg until Thanksgiving when I focused on a more plant-based diet and dropped another 2kg. I’m sure that has more to do with calorie intake than just not eating meat but it’s a data point.

Body fat is down 2% for the year and muscle is up 2%. Now I if I can just get my cycling power up…


How can you expect weight loss if you are gaining muscle?

I understand you added an emoji to the beginning of your message but your complaint seems a little unfair to yourself.

You’ve improved by almost every metric other than weight, and even then just not as much as you want. That doesn’t sound too bad given the situation and conditions that you described about yourself.


Sounds like you are using a TON of positive strategies for weight loss and maintenance. How many times a day are you eating? Are you hungry throughout the day?

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I know, right? And I’m just venting…no need to be fair to myself.


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Yup, that’s the point of the rant - when you do everything you know to be right and your body still tells you to pack sand.


FWIW, I have coffee and vitamins in the morning, fast until 1000, have a protein intake, balanced lunch, coffee and energy KCal in the afternoon, pre-exercise, balanced dinner around 1800. +/- 2000KCal daily, goal of 60/20/20 (though often 55/25 for carbs/fat). Fluids throughout the day, 2-3 liters. Never hungry, really.

Thanks for the query!

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Sounds like you are well versed on best practices and are doing what feels right for you! If you remain a bit frustrated, I recommend visiting a registered dietician for specific advice. A few of my personal suggestions would be eating a bit more and perhaps a small meal in the morning.