Feels Like, Starting Over

Hey All! - could use some advice concerning starting training after about an 8 week hiatus completely off the bike… Last good rides were over 8 weeks ago. Been in the process of moving to Colorado and also just getting over Covid19.
Got the trainer set up now and ready to start a training program. (6 week?) My FTP was 216 but I feel too weak to start at that level. Should I leave my settings alone and just dial back the intensity of each session?
Any particular plans better suited for a “come back” after downtime? Would like to incorporate yoga and strength training as well. Any feedback/tips are appreciated…

I would just ride for a week or two to get a few miles (km) in my legs and then when you feel ready, retest.

I can’t face FF anymore so I do the HM.

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There’s a “ramp it up” transition plan that you can do, or a 6 week “fitness Kickstarter”

As for the FTP settings, dial that down to a level that keeps you motivated to continue. Certainly after illness, you don’t want to push it hard. Definitely not after COVID.

Personally, I’d change the actual FTP in the 4DP profile and do a HM in a few weeks to get a more accurate number.

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Hey Sam,

Hope you’re recovering well from Covid. I would suggest dropping the power targets down around 10% and starting off with lower intensity (lower IF) rides. I experienced a similar thing with 8 weeks off exercise and then starting up again. I did SUF Idol and struggled miserably after not dropping my numbers down, even with several stops to catch my breath it was horrific! But after a few easier rides and getting some endurance and aerobic fitness back, I’m finding the sessions doable. Not brought myself to do another 4DP test just yet though.

Adding in the yoga and strength training will be good for getting your body primed, ready and maintained for training again.

Hope that helps,


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I’d have a look at the transition ramp up plan. It’s a fairly slow build up, but also includes strength and yoga sessions. I’d knock your numbers down and may be cadence builds or an easy session or to before starting, as going from 8 weeks off to Half Monty might still be a shock to the system!

Thanks to all who responded!

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