No sound when switching power levels

Did they stop the sound notice (brake / accelerator) when a power level is changing? I have the green bars showing for sound effects or is there another tab I need to click?

What platform are you on? I’ve used iOS and iPadOS to date w the new app and the sounds are all there.

When doing your workout, go into the video settings and check to make sure the sound effects are turned on. They should be there.

I’m experiencing the same thing - on iPad/ios

Fixed by deleting apps and reinstalling.


Green bars are there

Reinstalled and now it worked on some workouts.

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If it continues then I would suggest contacting the minions. Could be an issue with specific workouts, or could be a larger issue.

Some workouts like ProRides don’t have those sounds. As we tested some of these workouts with rapid changes or in the case of some inspiration workouts, not very many changes, we found that the sounds were too much, so we removed them.

Hopefully, in the future, we have a better way to handle this, but for now disabling them was our best option.

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