[iOS] [bug] noVid workout Music issues

from time to time switching back and forth from the music app to systm yields audio silence

steps as follows: I usually start the workout and in case of a noVid / noMusic workout switch to apple’s music app to start a playlist, just to go back to the systm app and enjoy the workout.
when systm is frontmost the audio from the music app is muted. I figured out that if I completely close the music app and restart it this doesn’t happen. it seems that systm occupies the audio device which is resolved through restarting the music app because it claims back the resources.

edit: removed the wrong time report which I had mentioned in an earlier version of this post as it is obviously related to accidentally adjusting the workout playhead position when swiping up from the bottom to get to the appswitcher

feel free to ping me if you have questions
cheers christian