Oh Grunter how can I do that

In About two weeks Grunter has specified that I have The Shovel followed by 9 Hammers the next day. Since 9 Hammers @ 100% is not possible for me even enter fresh, I need to think how to play this
I can do Shovel, though tough.

@Stonechat Apparently the minions have confidence in you so you should as well. Honestly I find The Shovel provides a good amount of rest for me between the harder sprints and it does not fatigue me as much as Violator. If you come into the two days rested it is definitely achievable. Hopefully you have a day off after Nine Hammers.

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Deal with the shovel first, then worry about nine hammers. Try nine hammers in level mode.

No think I am ditching the Shovel. Erg mode won’t make any difference.