On Location appreciation

At the end of the year, with temps well below 0 degrees F, I’m badge hunting in Catalunya, Portugal, and Provence. I love the OL rides! Each one has a “just out for a spin to enjoy the scenery” vibe while sneaking in a thoughtfully designed workout. And it really helps to see the lovely views and imagine warm breezes when my suffering includes both sweat dripping in my eyes and dangerously numb fingers and toes. I’m going to have to dig out the shoe covers for tomorrow, I think.


I’ve also really been enjoying them. Tough workouts disguised as travel documentaries!


Totally agree! So nice to be in the sun with this sh*t weather!!!

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I did a Setebal/Gavarnie double this morning whilst it was dark and cold outside.

2 new badges, 2 ruined legs and a partridge in a pear tree. Hurrah!

Thanks for being the tour guide this year @michael.cotty, even though the electric scooter was a bit of a disappointment tbh. Very Couchlandrian.

I shall look forward to seeing more in the new year (and a couple more OL badges still to get. New legs first please though).


Don’t they just? Though that seems to last until half way through the warm up. At that point it’s pretty clear that Mike isn’t hanging around!