Passport cancelled!

So we’ve really lost our identity as Sufferlandrians, folks. You may notice you no longer have a passport. Disappointing move, Dave. Minions get to you? The platform may be better, more technical, etc (too soon to tell, though), but we’re now like all the Couchlandrians out there with no passport. I feel this app should come with donut vouchers. Please can we get our passports back.


I totally agree ! is calendar now the only way to check training history ???

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Same question, but I think I read somewhere that there are only badges at present, but that more functionality will come back to the “progress” tab over time. I would assume (and hope) that includes passport.


I also agree. The passport was part of our identity as Sufferlandrians. I would like to have our passports reinstated as well as it was part of the storyline. I know it was mentioned that the Sufferfest isn’t going anywhere but moves like this make me doubt.


+1 vote to bring back Passport!


+1. I need that passport as well.


+1 Passport was a great way to see what workouts i had done. and how many of each workout.

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From the Systm Announcement post

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I’m not bothered about my “Passport” but I am missing not being able to filter my past history to compare workouts I did previously.


Hi Team, I was really heartbroken when I transferred to the Systmd app from sufferfest… now I can no longer see if I have done a particular workout before or not… and doubting myself whether is new or I just don’t remember? This compounds the fact that many things didn’t migrate with the same name (like all strength workouts).
Before the workout would be marked if and when I have done it, and in the passport all the activities and the date I had done it… the only way now is by browsing the calendar and checking every day!!!

I have cancelled my subscription because of this, otherwise, I like the new additions, but this is a STANDARD, MINIMUM Capability that Sufferfest competitors have, all of them!! What were you thinking when deleting this?
Now you don’t have a way to check which videos you have done and which you haven’t unless it’s too late and you are already clipped in… plus no way to know what do you need to to get a certain badge! Really, I just can’t believe they thought this was a “nice to have” feature where every one else has this enabled… it’s like essential to look back in your feed and see what you have done and feel proud about it!! Hope they will solve this soon :frowning:

Completely agree - no Sufferlandrian should be without a passport. If nothing else it shows how far I have or haven’t come, or in my case, how far I need to go to catch up to former glories…

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Agreed, the passport doesn’t matter but I like to be able to see if I survived a workout last time & last week I did Half Monty: wanted to know how many steps I made last time but couldn’t figure out how to see.

This. Relax folks - I had the same question, but the feature IS coming back. Work in progress.

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Exactly. :upside_down_face:

Echo the sentiment… always good to compare previous rides (or even know what the previous rides were).

I think my body has a self-defence mechanism whereby I complete forget ~60 min of pain (e.g. 9 hammers)…


Speaking of nine hammers that is a superb example. I would try to add 1 or more hammer each time. Never made it through the last minute of the last hammer till today though (& I messed up a Half Monty 1-2 weeks ago so today doesn’t really count).

Sound like they’re going to reinstate it in the future. Would be nice to have a predicted date though. In the interim here is a workaround I found:

  1. create free Strava Account
  2. link SYSTM to Strava
  3. go to Strava website (I’m using Windows 11 and Firefox). Click training tab and select “my activities”. A search box appears titled ‘keywords”. Put in “nine hammers” and it will get your rides.

I don’t know how far backdated it is though as I already had it linked.