SYSTM Passport

Hi Minions, I know you’re sick of hearing it by now, but can I just again emphasize how much I miss the SUFF Passport, and hope it will be added back in to SYSTM soon?

Since joining in 2020, I have found the Passport to be one of my biggest motivators. Most recent example (which inspired this post) - I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut recently between workouts, weight loss, fitness gains, etc. (granted the holidays haven’t helped). Completed AVDP yesterday (shudder). Since I still have the SUFF app saved on my laptop, I looked at the Passport and noted I’d last ridden AVDP in June. Comparing the two, I was able to note how much my power output has improved in the past six months, at less effort, and for a greater distance.


So please, Minions, talk to GvA. Thanks.


+1. Please :slight_smile:

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Strava is your friend. Well, it’s my friend anyway!

I’m assuming that the replacement for the Passport (Passprt?) will arrive as and when SYSTM incorporates outdoor training and will include uploads of external ride data from your head unit. That will be a big change!

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How about PssPorr as the new acronym?


Couldn’t agree more!!!

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+1 here too. Thank you! :penguin:

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I agree, +1 !

yeah, please, do

Not aimed at you specifically, but this really annoys me as people get it wrong on here and Facebook constantly.

You don’t take out ALL of the vowels (you’ve left “o” in, by the way), Wahoo remove the last vowel typically.

If we’re going to joke, let’s at least do a good job of it :slight_smile:


(I know, of all the things to get annoyed over, but there are just so many of these “jokes” and observational comedy only works if you’re, you know, more observant than your audience)

((Again, not aimed at you, Psychopasta, just at the sheer volume of these “jokes”))


I think the joke was “pssporr” could be pronounced “p1ss poor”, as in the perceived quality was low, rather than a comment on Wahoo’s naming conventions.


Quite possibly, but there are just so many posts joking about Wahoo’s naming convention that remove all of the vowels, I’ve run out of sighs :smiley:



Deep breath; keep moving forward :grinning:

Edit: Sir

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Yeah, but I’m still adamant it only works if the formatting is correct, otherwise you could just make up any old thing…

Who wouldn’t want a world with pedantry still firmly attached?

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Every time I see this word, I have to look it up. I guess there’s no more room in the old head unit :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha, now you’re just doing it to annoy me :slight_smile: