I used to SUFFER. Now I SYSTM :(

So after this morning’s workout, in Strava it comes up as Wahoo SYSTM: workout name. Completely loses the impact. I used to suffer. Now I system. Makes no sense. Sure, I can edit, but you guys have taken stuff away from our suffering. We like to suffer and like to be acknowledged for suffering. Please can we retain some of our identity as Sufferlandrians. Or are we going to become known as systemians, which means nothing.



change your starva profile picture to this and there will never be any doubts


I understand your feeling. It’s an emotion that many of us beta users had at the start of the beta programme. But believe me, give it some time to appreciate all the other great stuff that’s been added to the ecosystem. Do try a pro ride for example.
After all these beta testing months, I do indeed still feel Sufferlandrian, and also Wahooligan. Sufferlandria is still here, new SUF videos will be made, we will still suffer and yes when I finish 9 hammers and succeed, I do feel proud and hope I’m a bit more worthy in the eyes of Grunter.

Buy a laser goat flag, cherish the great nation but also look what else is there in the package. It’s awesome.

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You can pull my bleeding eyes flag from my cold, dead hands.


I wish I had a bleeding eyes flag.