Please remember us!

I’m using SYSTM with my wife in same PC. Almost every time we have to re-enter our e-mail and password. We are missing like user kah said: easy switch account option


I have only experienced that SYSTM remembers me. Can’t remember the last time I entered my details to get into the software, even through a number of updates.

I’m sharing my mac/iPad and Kickr as well, but in my case the last person who was logged in is remembered.

What I’m still missing is the easy switch account option of the original Sufferfest App that remembered the credentials of everyone who was logged in before.

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I have the app installed on at least 3 devices and am logged into at least 3 or 4 browsers. And I’ve don’t remember the last time I’ve had to login to any of them. Maybe you need to add it to your password saver list somewhere or change a security setting? Possibly just need to uninstall and reinstall the app. That often fixes these quirks, too.

Three times a week my wife and I are having to type in passwords and email addresses (for our own profiles) to SYSTM when accessing the default training laptop.

I never have to login between her sessions if I was last to use the app. Only when we have had to log out for the other to use the app.


Laptop remembers such details for everything else that requires it, except SYSTM.

Can’t you set up your PC with 2 separate windows IDs?

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