Multiple users

Is there any way to have SYSTM save the profile information for multiple users? We have 2 sufferlandrians in the family and each time we use the app we have to resign in. I know that this may not be a big deal to many users, but I feel like there are so many passwords that I have to remember for different apps that I always feel like I am struggling to remember which passwords I have used for different apps. I know, I know… I can write it down. But I don’t. And I feel like most users don’t either.

Even most of my webpages automatically load the user name and password, and for SYSTM not to do that for us just seems like it is behind the times (as well as a nuisance)


not atm Sir. Been asked for for a dog’s age too.


About two years ago I committed to third-party password keeper as between work and personal I have north of 300 logins. It allows me to share passwords with family members and makes it relatively painless to set up new accounts and access from my laptop or phone. I do not store any passwords locally for security reasons. It took a bit to set up but has been worth it.