Post covid rides

I am struggling to regain energy and fitness after covid a couple of months ago. After a long break I am just completing the “new routines” plan which was the easiest I could find. My MAP is much lower than my last tested FTP and I am not up for a max effort retest yet, so the question is,
What plan next, how should I proceed

Hi @alchurch, sorry to hear that. Have you seen this thread :arrow_down: by Dame @IsiSchneider_KoS?

The key message is to take it very slowly.


I understand that, I was just trying to translate it to suff workouts. Perhaps a general road plan at 60% intensity would get things going, maybe ramp up intensity a few % each week, maybe retest when I can hit 80% intensity of workouts


Hey @alchurch ,
Sorry to hear about your struggles. How did :New Routines" go for you. If it went fairly well then you could try a building block progression from Base to Tempo and see how that goes. it ll depends on what you are capable of handling right now. I’m assuming you have been cleared by your doc to do whatever you can handle. Your thoughts?

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Coach.Spencer, thank you for your suggestion. I slept well with new routines, it was fatiguing but doable.The cure was impossible, I was having to stop every couple of efforts, it was a big jump from the zone 1 stuff. I did Dogs life2 yesterday, the z1 power at 100 beats per min had me at a hr of 115, well into z2. I self tested positive, I did not see a doctor.Not even sure how to nowadays, unless you are at deaths door, (that sounds like a great name for a workout)
My HR stayed predictable during new routines and so I do not believe there is much inflammation or damage to stop me taking another step.


Hey Al,
I would highly suggest a physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner consult. Are you due for your annual physical anytime soon? I think it’s a good idea just to get a picture of your overall health. I always figure a professional opinion/diagnosis/prognosis can’t hurt. More information is always better than less. Glad to hear your heart rate is responding normally.
Take care!