Removing routes from Bolt

How do I remove routes from my Bolt V1 ? two routes are showing on the head unit but only one on the Elemnt app on my phone for some reason??? I have tried all the suggestions I can find on line using the app or directly from the head unit but nothing works. There must be a simple way to do this without having to pull my hair out trying to find a solution. Cheers

Where is the unwanted route coming from? Underneath the name of each route, you should see the distance and the source of the route. You need to remove the route from the source - only Wahoo-sourced routes can be removed from the ELEMNT companion app. See photo below for an example where I have some routes coming from Wahoo and some from Strava.


Many thanks, will check that out cheers

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I have two, one says wahoo underneath and the other says Strava. The issue is that neither of these two are my rides but presumably downloaded from files either sent to me or downloaded from a ride of someone i follow. How do I do this please? thanks

The route that is synced to your Bolt from Strava is coming from the My Routes section in your Strava account. You can access this from Dashboard → My Routes in the web version of Strava:

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 09.55.07

Then select the three dots on the route you want to delete, and click Delete:

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 09.57.03

Finally, go back to your Bolt and re-sync the routes. The Strava route should disappear.

To remove a Wahoo route, open the ELEMNT Companion App, and connect it to your device.

On the Workout page, scroll down to the “Choose a route” option and open that.

To delete a Wahoo route, swipe the route to the left and confirm that you want to delete it. Then re-sync the routes on your Bolt and the Wahoo route should disappear.

All ok now thanks

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