Resistance for uphill

I am not getting resistance on inclines. I can see my speed decrease and wattage go down and I need to increase my watts to maintain the speed, but not feeling it from the kicker V5.

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I have a Kickr Bike and I think this is what you get. Even though the bike raises on the inclines, the power is the power. When I forget to unlock that feature, the inclines feel the same from a cadence and power perspective.

On what app are you experiencing this @Braceguy ? If it’s Zwift or another sim and you’re in Slope mode, when you’re faced with an incline, your speed is supposed to drop if you put out the same amount of power. Speed will (or should) increase if you increase your power going uphill. That is normal behaviour on a sim.

I’m not quite sure what you mean though when you say you’re “not feeling it”. Are you saying you can increase your watts but that it doesn’t feel any harder to do that?

I am in Zwift, Not feeling any increased resistance when riding on inclines. In other words if my eyes were closed and could not see my power or speed, I would not know that I was on an incline. Its my first time with a smart trainer, and I am not sure what I am supposed to experience. I assumed the trainer would provide the resistance instead I am just responding to the drop in power and speed that is on the screen

I am riding with the Kickr V5

When you’re in Zwift, before you start riding, did you select “controllable” in the settings?

Looks like this

Edit: there is a support article on pairing devices that’s worth a review

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Thank you so much! I did not connect controllable. That was my problem. Rookie mistake!


Sometimes I’ll connect as a power source only while I ride a workout in ERG mode in SYSTM. I haven’t been on Zwift in 5ever and now that RGT is part of the package for SYSTM I’m not planning to resub. Glad I could help! Ride on :wink:

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Check trainer difficulty setting too.
It is 50% by dafault which lowers incline resistance.
Set it to 100% for full experience.
I don’t know how to do that though, I stopped using Zwift 2 years ago (I did only a few rides in Zwift).

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