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Thanks @SSaldanha. On the list - I even have the repeat climb planned. Just a few things ahead of it for now…

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Today, I enjoyed two trips up South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. Pictured are the Radio Towers at South Mountain, visible from many locations within the Phoenix/Metro area. On the fourth Sunday of each month, the road up South Mountain is closed to motor vehicles - Cyclist Paradise! My pictured bike just underwent a “Climbers” upgrade, switching from the stock 52/36, 11/28 configuration to a more Climber, leg-friendly 50/34, 11/34. Hovering around 200 lbs., and enjoying/focusing on rides that target Climbs, it seemed like a necessary choice since one of my 2022 goals is to go up, IRL, Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, Az., full-climb 7,000 feet. I’ve done Mt. Lemmon virtually via BKOOL with my indoor bike using a 50/34, 11/30 set-up, several times during the hours long climb I was wishing for one more gear to get me to the top…hence. Since I am not a cyclist that enjoys/targets bombing down mountain tops at speeds over 40 mph, I’m okay with those instances where I am over-spinning going down hill, I white-knuckle the bars when speeds go above 40 mph and at that point I am riding the brakes. Trade-Offs/Abilities/Comfort Levels.
On another challenge, try getting the necessary parts for this type of conversion from any LBS in todays Covid economy. I ended up bird-dogging the necessary upgrades myself from three different on-line sites. You name it with respect to bicycle components, good chance it is back-ordered.

On a more important note, notice the bike is equipped with dual Wahoo water bottles, and eagle-eyed observers will note the KOS Sticker on the Seat Tube, yep, there’s one on the opposite side too. :grinning:


Trust me there was a ride!!!


@timbo Is that an F29 you are riding?

Indeed it is. A bit long in the tooth now. I think it’s a flash 3.

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Tomorrow first ride outside on the ‘verge, temps in the 80s, healed from injuries. :dancer::biking_woman:t2:


Superb to hear. Injuries are incredibly frustrating - I too had many months indoors and that first one out felt soooo good! Enjoy!

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Great ride today except for feeling like Cav on Ventoux through the hills around Dover. :mountain_biking_woman:


Hey @Rick ,
I’d be happy to pace you up Lemmon anytime. I live 20 minutes by bike from the base.


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Well done @RoseYarrow. Must feel good to be outside again. You could have been feeling like a mere mortal on Ventoux - that would be worse!

@RoseYarrow The terrain in Dover is deceiving. Where riding on the road or on the trails I generally find myself climbing around 1000 feet per hour. For road rides there are some really good routes heading out towards Sherborn, Millis and Holliston including a rail trail loop.

Riding back home from visiting mum over time.

Although the bottom photo is taken with a very cheap budget phone, the bike looks much better on it. :rofl:


We headed out South St to Dedham St to Farm St into Sherborn as I have family there. The hills on Farm St were brutal. I kept thinking about the Pyrenees rides to keep myself going. I’ll have to find that rail trail to give my legs a chance to spin.

@RoseYarrow Here is the link - it is fine gravel for most of it but it is level and there are some interesting sights.

Holliston Rail Trail

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Beautiful day on the Hop River.


my wife

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Did she forget her shoes?

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Awesome! Thanks Sir

haha she is a fan of barefoot riding