Riding outside photos

And don’t click on anything…:fish:

Another beautiful day on Aquidneck Island.


That looks stunning!

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Those appear to be actual photos, that you actually took. I didn’t think that was what we were doing anymore… :wink:

Looks lovely.


Looks like some hellish “barefoot-single leg-out of the saddle” cadence drill!!

Behold THE Winter Bike League of Athens, GA


@AlexEllermann Sir Alex, could you suggest some rides in RI for me? We’d like to ride this weekend and I’m looking for places other than our normal ride in Westport/Tiverton/Little Compton. Regardless of the ride, we’ll end up at Gray’s for ice cream :icecream:

@RoseYarrow Here is a link to a route that I used last summer.



Hi Rose,

Happy to help. Can you help me dial it in for you by answering a couple of questions?

  1. Are you looking for straight-up, skinny-tire road biking or mixed surface?
  2. What kind of distances do you have in mind?

When I read your first sentence, I thought, “I’m going to send her by Art Cafe.” When I read your second, I thought, “Oh, she totally knows that place.” :slight_smile: Also, if you follow me on Strava, you may get some ideas.

Jon, that’s a great route and a great place to park!

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Looking for new scenery mainly. We have stayed in LC many times and have done routes heading through Adamsville to Horseneck and back. We’re comfortable with a 30 miler as long as we hit ice cream along the way :icecream: I have a Diverge and he has a Roubaix so I normally handle the bumpy roads but he can’t; he can go fast but I can’t keep pace with those bigger tires.

Jon’s route is, IMO, one of the best routes on the planet. I truly believe that Ian Boswell should drive down from Vermont to do an On Location on that route. The views are stunning, and there’s so much history!

That said, here are my three favorite RI bike paths:

The East Bay Bike Path. Not only can you get ice cream along the way, but there’s also a great burrito stop right next to the path!

The Blackstone River Bikeway. This feels a little more rural, with fewer pathside amenities like ice cream or lemonade stands. Still, it’s the most beautiful bike path in the state.

The Washington Secondary Rail Trail offers a fun mix of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes.


Super!!! Thank you for sharing! :pray:t3:

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Different rides and Tri races in Honolulu, HI.


(I was doing about 2 mph here. Had been dragging a new rider up a hill, then noticed someone with a camera at the top and pulled a pose, hence the bike being perfectly upright and the elbows horribly out)

Social riding

Bit of RideLondon100

Making use of a gravel bike by jumping into the woodland for a bit of a change


Aarrgghh…strava doesn’t like me. Won’t let me save this route. :exploding_head: (web error code 403, so app issue - why I’m a database techie…). Will try again later.

Afternoon ride in Little Compton RI…beautiful day until the wind shifted :cold_face:

stopping for a little snack, reppin’ the goat socks

the BF’s sweet ride
not quite a Cremee but close!
Town Landing


A little 225 km (and a bit more) trundle out to the beach.
The elevation profile is lovely, you never get very high at all, but at the same time almost none of the ride was flat. It was just a constant experience of a little up, a little down and so on…

My riding colleague for the day, Scott, on a nicely maintained older steed.

This was precarious and not very wise as it was fairly windy and the stick holding up my bike seemed to have fed every worm going in it’s time.

It was as lovely and warm as it looks!
Honestly, it was quite a nice and sunny day when we were cycling, but it wasn’t while we took photos and in the wind we were both shivering.

A slightly healthier (or easier on the stomach, at least) variant on fish and chips at the sea

We stole some additional company while there

The first bit of on-ride touristing

This slightly odd find was guarding the road

An abbey to match the earlier Friary. If you look closely, you’ll find my bike in the shadows.

And we found some cycle paths through greenery and away from the roads for sections too!


Small world, I only did 160k, but it seems our paths could have passed today (I didn’t take any photos though)