Riding the Tour with your fellow riders, competitors and supporters on RGT!

So great to see all the amazing posts about the Wahooligan Tour so far! We have also set up the Wahooligan Tour Event Village road which is completely FREE for anyone who wants to ride along, cheer or spectate.

The road is open all week if you want to hop in for a warm up or cool down with each stage. Or event better ride the stage itself on 2 devices with the workout taken from SYSTM and the virtual road with your compatriots. Just coordinate your stage start time with your teammates and see them on RGT and use the voice chat function to encourage your teammates through the stage.

Here is the event link: https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=8WUR4K
And we have also made a link to it on the RGT homepage

How do I use both apps simultaneously I hear you ask!

It is best done with 2 devices (but possible with one!)

  • Device 1:
    Open SYSTM and connect your sensors to ride your stage

  • Device 2:
    Open RGT and in Sensors pair your trainer but make sure the ‘Control’ is toggled to OFF! This way ERG mode from SYSTM will guide you through the workouts

More Info here:


The Wahooligan Tour is challenging enough in itself but for anyone looking for an additional challenge this week (looking at you @Glen.Coutts :wink: ), why not ride the entire 10 laps of the challenge road…


Hmmm. I see your challenge Sir @Rupert.H and raise you one. If you or anyone gets my DPF fundraising page up to 1500, I’ll do it on the same day as stage 2,3,4,5 or 6.

I’m already adding the Stelvio to the end of Stage 7.


I just rounded you off on $1000, I am sure we can can get the additional $500 without too much trouble :smiling_imp:


Very kind of you Sir. Thanks for that. :pray:

Fwiw, I’d be very VERY surprised to see an additional $500 dropped in there. It’s not like I’m doing butter shots or pickled herring or wearing a goat suit.

That said, my volume this winter has bordered on CT low so an additional 2+ hours on the Challenge Road could very well kill me. :man_shrugging:t3:


I’m SURE I can courier the goat suit to you in time for stage 7