Explain RGT for Stage 7

OK, I’ve got very little time to figure this out.
I have not used RGT yet, though I do have it
How do I do Stage 7 on RGT?
I basically need some 5th grader step by step instructions.
I will be using Windows and I don’t see trying to run both at once.

Oh, and I will be doing it early in the window, Friday night for me

Appreciate any help and tips.


Ok, I haven’t quite figured out how to ride a workout on an organised group ride. I thought that the organiser made that happen. Having organised a few group rides, I know this is possible. So in theory, you just need to sign up to one of the events that suits you time wise:

If you want to join a rubber banded event- here is the list!Just click on the URL and it will take you to RGT to register for the event.

Stage 7: To Get To The Other Side workout on RGT Stelvio *

RGT Stage 7 Event 1 (Friday March 17, 3pm GMT) : https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=6DV2WQ
RGT Stage 7 Event 2 (Saturday March 18, 1am GMT): https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=PWE8TQ
RGT Stage 7 Event 3 (Saturday March 18, 11am GMT): https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=Z9G7M7
RGT Stage 7 Event 4 (Saturday March 18, 4pm GMT): : https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=TWDGHK
RGT Stage 7 Event 5 (Saturday March 18, 9pm GMT): https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=XB6NG6
RGT Stage 7 Event 6 (Sunday March 19, 7am GMT): https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=ARDYKC

Or if you want to ride it solo on the public route, I think you can just go to the workouts tab, find the TGTTOS workout, and then like right click and choose to ride it on the Stelvio map? I think that’s how it works. Someone on Facebook posted an ace description. This means you won’t be rubber banded to the other riders that start with you


Option 1. Join a group ride.
Click on any of the links @DameLisa posted above, choosing one that suits your ride time. You will get an email to say that you’ve registered for the ride. Log into RGT, choose EVENTS, from the pull down list YOUR EVENTS select REGISTERED. Click on the card, and choose RIDE NOW. If the ride is supposed to start soon, then you will see yourself lined up with a countdown timer. At the start time, start pedalling, and you’re off. You won’t line up if there are still hours to go.

Option 2. Ride it by yourself, any time during the 50hr window.
Log into RGT. Choose WORKOUTS, search for ‘To get to the other side’ (or even just ‘to’), from the TRAIN ON drop down list select Stelvio, then click on the card for TGTTOS. You’re good to go.


Here are some screenshot to illustrate DameLisas an Natasha.Rs comments.
It took me a while to figure it out…


Nice one. I was writing mine while on the bus and wasn’t going to be able to take screenshots


Thanks, that is really helpful. I was wondering why mine showed up on Canary Wharf…

I also see that the workout is based on the FTP as set in ‘My Account’ rather than your profile in SYSTM. Something to make sure is set properly before setting off.


Well, not much use for me. I’m in GMT, usually do my workouts early in the morning - 6-8am or so. There’s a long 10 hour gap where I’d usually fit in. Unless I do it alone on Saturday morning, then do it again on Sunday for the kicks.


I think many of us “casual” or first-time RGT users still have a number of questions about this. wahoo could do a little more explaining on the stage 7 front.

I’m planning to jump into one of the sanctioned group rides, though not sure if I’d rather not just do TGTTOS as 7a, then do Stelvio in RGT as 7b, per the current stupid plan…it might not feel right going w/o Sir @michael.cotty.

Though, yeah - I guess I could run both, though they never sync particularly well. Especially if we’re using Stelvio as the template.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

EDIT: Thanks @DameLisa and @Natasha.R for the explainers!


If I ride at the same time as one of the rubberbanded rides does anyone know if the other riders will show on the course? I’m keen to see how far I get under my own steam rather than the group average but a busier course is always more enjoyable.


Option 3. ( if i understood it correctly) @DameLisa 's party ride


Yes. The other riders will show up.


Too many problems with RGT for me, I will use original Sufferfest version


As a benefit you will get information on tasty food in the middle of a high cadence effort. a welcome additional torture :wink:


There is a 11am Saturday morning link so you won’t need to be doing it alone


Deleted my message, because what i have asked it is answered in Tako’s message. My bad missing it! :pray:

Thank you @TakoGonzales !

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11am is laaaate. By then I’ve usually done a 60 mile ride, showered, done something to earn back brownie points from The Wiff, and am busy taking The Offspring to a weekend activity. I’m an avowed morning person: for me 11am is early afternoon, and is no civilised time to be starting a bike ride.

However, I’ll be in RGT at 5:30am GMT, doing both Stage 7a and 7b. If anyone out there finds that to be an agreeable time, you’re welcome to join me.


That’s 11 o’clock Saturday morning???


@David_Atkinson Nope - the group rides set up as private events so if you just go into the course via Just Ride you will see others that didn’t join the group ride along with bots.

I would encourage you to join the group ride. They are generally more fun although with this scheduled climb there may not be a lot of chatting.


Right! I misunderstood the question.


OK, looks like I signed up for an event for Friday 6pm (I hope it is using my time zone)

Do I still follow the screenshots to pick Stelvio? Or will the event alone work?