So, no Windows 10 or above, NO systm

Well, seems I am at the end of the road.

Unfortunately, I do not have much more extra money, $1500/month minus mortgage, utilities food, fuel, etc, to purchase a new pc/laptop to be able to run systm and in my android, I cannot pair my trainer or sensors.

I will here for the ride hoping to see if I can get my hands on something worthy to replace my venerable Windows 7 Pro laptop.

I do not know the comparable prices, but would a cheap iPad work?

Not suggesting you try this unless you’re 100% comfortable with what you’re doing and have a method for rolling back if it all goes wrong, but does the free upgrade to Windows 10 still work?

It’s been a few months, but it has worked for me in the recent’ish past.

Not possible, some hardware is not W10 compatible, got the prompt years ago; just a full install.

I count my beans month to month and can’t spend more than 10% of monthly salary in non essentials

Thanks for the suggestion!

Might, could, but, I use the laptop with an external[2nd] monitor, tried once on a friend’s tablet, might have been iPad, and I cnnot see the values, I need big numbers; I can only NOT use reading glasses while driving or riding outside

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That’s a shame. I hope you can find a workable solution. Hardware wise I have SYSTM running on a couple of very underpowered laptops (both Win 7 upgraded to Win10) so a cheap/low end second hand machine may be able to do the job for you but “cheap” is a relative term and I do appreciate and understand where you’re coming from.

Here’s to good weather and being able to ride outdoors!

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Don’t know if this is an option or not but I run Systm on an android phone that cost less than £100 new.

I can also cast to the TV that’s running an Amazon Fire stick.

Tablets and phones can be cast to much larger devices, you definitely don’t need a windows 10 laptop to make this work.

IDK, but there are some inexpensive Windows 10 mini PCs that could well work . Here’s one:


Is this a limitation on your Android hardware? Is there any chance that the SYSTM technical support Minions can help out with this?

Possible that you are using outdated ANT+ only devices? I got a TICKR for free from Wahoo that is dual channel and all of my devices are now dual channel. Android certainly does support BTLE 4 very well as I have a device that only supports that protocol. Some devices are quite expensive though but you might be able to find a second-hand device that is dual channel.

Ok, update on this issue:

A friend donated me a used PC, it uses Windows 10 Pro, still get NO speed sensor, ANT+ from GARMIN is up to date, everything here is up to date. My HRM sensor is Garmin’s ANT+/BT, Cadence, Speed and Power meters are integrated into the Misuro B+ Sensor.

Ride like crazy for 45 mins and move 0kms and 0km/h …

Please, do not, not even joking suggest I get a wahoo trainer … I use ELITE since I can use my Campagnolo cassette.

For now happy that I can follow something on the screen and sweat and curse …

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I bought a PC Stick in Dec 2020 for $169. It has an HDMI connector and Bluetooth and runs Windows 10. It runs SYSTM just fine. I also have a Wahoo Ant+ dongle. I just plugged it into an existing TV and can do all my workouts. You can get a similar or updated model now for between $165 and $215. The $165 model runs Win 10, the $205 model runs Win 11.


This ay sound absolutely silly but are the drivers for the ANT+ ‘stick’ up to date and installed? Is the stick showing up when you look at the laptops devices? SYSTM should work just fine on Windows10 or 11, any version from what i understand.

Yes, everything shows, I see cadence, I see HR, I see power, I don’t see speed and distance.

As said, I do the workout, and deleted it no point riding for no kms

Do you see power? I’m wondering about the sensor. Do you see it as a selection on the device tab of settings? If you do, something isn’t correct for it in System. ANT+ is ANT+.

Yes, as said, I see cadence/power = same sensor; see HR.

Speed is same sensor as cadence/power :upside_down_face:

I would suggest opening a ticket with Support. if you could see them in the past, you should be able to now.

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Apple tv works fine and relatively cheap these days.

Sorry, but I might have missed it above, whats the sensor / turbo trainer ?