Windows app not working on two different computers

I signed up for an annual subscription on my
Phone via the browser. App works fine on my phone. I downloaded the app on my PC and laptop and neither will display the videos.
On the Home Screen I can see the top banner that says I don’t have any workouts but no videos below. When I go to the library tab, it’s all white with nothing to see. On the calendar page I can see my workouts but when I click on them it tells me that they are still working to make this content available in SYSTM. Please check back soon. I can see my subscription and my payment method.
I have uninstalled the app and deleted the folders in local and roaming. I have disabled my antivirus (not cool with this). I have changed the compatibility mode to Windows 8, which shouldn’t be a thing either.
I have installed it on a brand new PC running windows 11 with state of the art brand new graphics and also my laptop running windows 10. Both are doing the exact same thing. Tried to login via the browser. Same thing.
I have used various other training platforms on both computers and I have not had this level of issues right out of the gate with no obvious solution . And now I’m $140 poorer and regretting the choice to do the annual membership.
I have contacted support, got one response and nothing more.
I am not interested in doing this squinting at my phone.
What am I missing here? I’m hoping someone can help before I cancel and walk away, doubt I’ll get my money back. It should not be this hard to get a training app to work.

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Problem resolved. Seemed to be a system issue, which makes me relieved it wasn’t me :).


Glad it’s resolved. Sounds very frustrating. I’ve been loving SYSTM since I started back last summer. Hope you “enjoy” it too and suffer beyond what you thought was possible (but not with frustration of broken systems).


I’m really excited to try it out!