Solid effort or go down in flames

Well I’m not training for anything at the moment and my fitness and motivation aren’t at their highest, so technically doesn’t matter what workout I do.

So, tell me what you do in those situations. Currently, my numbers are likely lower than my settings so I’m thinking either l:

  1. One of the FTP type GCN videos that will possibly be doable at 100% and if not likely just a small reduction to get through.

  2. Either Long Scream or Wretched and just go for crash and burn just for the pure fun of it :slight_smile:

No real point to this post, other than pure interest to see which way people tend to go :slight_smile:


I tend to just reduce the intensity and try to find something that is fun and inspiring. The new inspiration category has been awesome for this.


The Omnium at 100%. Because this is undeniably the most fun the app has to offer.


Yeah the Omnium is an awesome one for pure fun! In a Suf sense of course :rofl:


I vote for you doing Nine Hammers, and see how many you get through. :smiling_imp:


I always like to make sure my numbers are fairly accurate, even if I’m not training for anything in particular, it is just in my nature to want to work hard (most of the time!) and luckily I have never really struggled for motivation.

If you’re fairly rested… Full Frontal for the full suffering. Failing that, try one to failure. I think The Hunted may be a better option than Wretched. I think if you’re having a bad day or numbers are just a few % above you’ll get found out pretty quickly. The Hunted though only gets hard in the last few mins of the 20min effort, so at least if you fail then you’ve still had a fairly solid workout.

Plus I hate The Wretched :joy:

Or… See many rounds of Revolver you can do… If you finish it, start again (skipping the warm up!)

I third The Omnium. Screw the numbers - power meters aren’t allowed on the track let alone erg - just go with the old school flow. Repeat that view for any other video I/you used to like :smile:


Just to clarify, this wasn’t a request for ideas :rofl:

BUT as it happens my window for Suffering has opened slightly so I may actually go and get Hammered :slight_smile:

@Ross my numbers aren’t actually a million miles away luckily as I’ve done ok in some recent workouts which actually surprised me. I was actually planning to do HM yesterday but a chance to do something a bit different Saturday was too good an opportunity to miss. I’ll try and get that done in the next couple of weeks I think.

Dude - you seconded The Omnium and are now talking about getting Hammered. Have a word :wink: (although Nine Hammers, without all the stoopid target stuff, would be my second choice of something to do after The Omnium)

Just what I need to hear… I have the Omnium to do on Sunday.

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@Heretic lucky!!

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Well, think they’d probably be what I’d do, so don’t think of them as suggestions then :grin:

Or, and this is a suggestion, do a solid workout and THEN do another to failure :joy:

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Preceded by The Bat on Thursday, and The Shovel on Friday. Who says Sufferlandrians do not know how to celebrate the holiday season.


Well I got well and truly Hammered!! Looking at my power trace I decided to subdivide the Nine Hammers into something more like 14 Vice Grips :rofl:

It was nice to see my VO2 Max according to Garmin has gone up slightly versus my last few rides though, so that was a nice boost :slight_smile:


Well done :+1:

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motivation not too high here either. Fighting thoughts of "If I have to spend the rest of my life under lockdown, why train? I always like something planned ahead, and that gives me the reason to suffer

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When lockdown ends do you want to get out and enjoy riding at a good fitness level, or do you want to ride like you haven’t ridden for ages? Do you want to be healthy?

Have you ever done a session and then, later in the day, thought “I wish I didn’t do that?” of course not (Full Frontal or Violator aside :rofl:)

Just do it :muscle:


I try not worry about things I cannot control.
I try, not always successfully, to focus on the few things that I think are under my control.

“Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems.”
― Epictetus


Thanks Ross/Heretic.
It is not often I get the blues. It just crossed my mind that if we had known a year ago, that the next year would be mainly self isolating there does not seem to be an end in sight .Having long outlived both parents and grandparents, (OK I am fitter and healthier than they were) The years left seemed much smaller.I started planning a route in Wales, checking out the roads on street view and all was well again.hope, enthusiasm, and a reason to train came flooding back like a tidal wave


I did the Omnium today. The last 45 seconds of the race was the closest I have ever gotten to reverse peristalsis on a bicycle.