The Omnium. Have you suffered today?

Was browsing through the videos looking at which ones I hadn’t suffered on for the longest. For a while it was Downward Spiral. Feb 2020.
Then I clicked on the Omnium. Feb 2019!!

Now why was that. Obvs the Kilo!

So it hit my playlist today.

After a great lead in to the tour? A great tour and then a good relax I wondered how I would get on.

Well the kilo did what the kilo does. The lactic was flooding my legs at the end but I just hung on in there.

Turns out I set my new max HR (ever!) and a new highest VO2.

And the footage of the Omnium is incredible. I won’t leave it 2 years to do again! If you’ve not done it recently I highly recommend it.


@Rich_R I last did it for my KOS in the #7 spot. Things started getting dark after that one!


I’ve done it 3 times (i thought I’ve done it more). Last time was my KOS attempt back in Nov, as well, at #9. It kills me, but it’s a good one.


Did the Omnium yesterday. It wasn’t easy but I enjoyed it.


Just did the omnium for the first time this morning… 5 minute efforts are my strength, but that kilo being a 1 minute effort I guess is different enough to do me in…I did okay in the last race, but there was no way I was sprinting at the end.

Somehow I was within 2 watts of my previous 1 minute best from full frontal in the kilo… good consistency I guess?

Great suffering! Looking forward to killing it next time.



Another first for me. Utterly destroyed, but HOLY HELL HOW ABOUT THE OMNIUM?!? And yeah, flying 200 @ #4 and the kilometer @ #5 were just…something.


Luckily I’m “a sprinter” and a total velodrome nerd, so suffered through it, cracked like an egg, but smiled the whole way (sorry GvA). A new favorite - as sick as that sounds. Legitimately surprised my 1min and 4min power records didn’t fall today.



Did you enjoy the last 40 seconds before the recovery?

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While I have done the Omnium only twice, it is one of my favorite workouts.

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By the end of it, I was in a death spiral. I was just able to keep the pedals moving enough to reach the final recovery. :hot_face: :hot_face:


I did it twice last month. On a Monday, two weeks in a row.

It hurts so good.

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