SUF Support Tips: Classic Trainers and Virtual Watts

Using a Classic Trainer (dumb trainer) with The Sufferfest App

While there are plenty of new smart trainers on the market, a classic trainer is an affordable and efficient way to train using The Sufferfest Training System. We have a long list of compatible trainers, and a few generic power curves for those trainers that aren’t on our compatibility list. There are a few things you need to know to get the best experience with the app.

Classic trainers can be used in 2 different types of setups.

1- With a power meter. If you have a power meter, you will connect the power meter to the app. There are a few articles here to get you connected:

Power Meters on iOS
Power Meters on Mac and Windows

2- With a Virtual Watts setup. You don’t need a power meter or a smart trainer to get effective training. The minimum requirement is a speed sensor and a classic trainer.

You’ll need to set up your bike:

Set up your bike for Virtual Watts

And then you’ll need to connect your sensors and set up Virtual Watts:

Virtual Watts setup.

Once you have Virtual Watts set up, please do a few rides to see if the data on the screen seems to correspond to the effort you are putting out. Meaning- an increase in effort should have a corresponding increase in watts. Virtual Watts may not match “real” watts, but they should be realistic and consistent enough for training purposes. Is your 20 minute power really 385 watts? Well, there might be some discrepancy, but what matters is that the same effort reports the same power every time. This allows for repeated training efforts, effective training, and measurable results.

If you have any questions about your setup, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Minions! We are ALWAYS happy to help Sufferlandrians suffer. It’s what we do best.

If you have any other issues and want to try to resolve them on your own, be sure to head over to our help center and do some research! Still can’t find an answer? Then please, submit a ticket! There’s no need to suffer with tech issues when what you really want to do is Suffer. We can help!