Switch strength program

Before I joined Sufferfest I started a bodyweight strength program (https://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/wiki/kb/recommended_routine#wiki_strength_work_.2840-60_minutes.29.)

I’m not sure if I should switch to sufferfest strength program or continue with my previous program.


Search for “strength” and you will see a few threads on this topic. Key takeaways are (1) some people use the strength sessions as a warmup and then do other weight bearing exercises, (2) some replace strength with their own program and (3) of course some just follow the strength plans which I think are pretty good. Before SUF I did some Olympic lifting and cross fit and now do the intermediate strength program but from time to time will also either add in additional weight bearing exercise - mostly upper body lifts but sometimes deadlifts and single leg squats. Keep in mind that strength training will impact your performance on the bike at least initially and you need to make sure you properly recover. I made the mistake of going hard on squats one day and then attempting a sprint workout a day or two later - that didn’t go over well. If you select the plans with strength the plan will be programmed to dial down some rides before or after strength so you are not overextending. Also reach out to the coaches as they have a lot of good guidance on balancing strength and riding. Good luck!

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