Tacx Flow Speed

New to this (just signed up) and my windows 10 PC can connect to my devices using Bluetooth or the Tacx Antenna Ant+. I have a Tacx Flow and a garmin cadence (ant+) and garmin hr (ant+). The software allows me to connect to the turbo trainer using bluetooth or Ant+, if i use bluetooth i get the speed in mph, if i use ant+ i get m/s with the option of sufferspeed. Can someone advice me what the best speed to use is (must admit i prefer ant+ as its really reliable with the new antenna)

Any help before tonight first session would be appreciated.

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For what it’s worth, I have a dumb trainer with Ant+ power meter pedals. I always use Sufferspeed.

To be fair is guess it does not really matter, as i will just be watching cadence and power ?

As long as when it goes into Strava it converts to mph, if not will just user sufferspeed :slight_smile:

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Spot on! If you have power and cadence, follow those and pay no mind to speed.