Thanks (and Welcome) To Our Moderators

This is overdue…

Starting up a forum is a fair bit of work. Many folks on the inside of SUF and Wahoo have contributed to getting this forum up and running. We really do have an amazing team here! Aside from those of us who ‘get paid to play’ here, we also have some volunteers who are here to help their fellow Sufferlandrians.

When we decided to start up the SUForum, Sir Lee @aerobrain, Sir @JamesT, and @Sir_Yotam were top of mind. They have each poured immeasurable amounts of energy into our SUF community, so having them in here as exemplary Sufferlandrians (and forum moderators) is quite an honor. Thank you to each of you for what you have done and continue to do for our community (I know that Sir @JamesT is going to respond with something really witty here).

Since we’ve opened the doors here in the 9 Hammers Tavern, two other Sufferlandrians have really become beacons of the SUForum. @Pierre and @Martin have done such a great job of starting and stoking conversation here as well as pointing Sufferlandrians with questions in the right direction. Thank you to both of you for what you have done so far and for volunteering as moderators here!


Awwww shucks, group hug!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome @Martin and @Pierre!!

Now I just need to work out how this moderating lark actually works :rofl:


It’s best to just act like you know what you are doing…


Wait a minute… You can get paid for this? :grin:
Well, you had me with the picture of Sam Elliot, so I will do almost anything.

Thank you for the trust in me.
And thank you to the whole team and anybody sharing their thoughts in this forum.

I am still young and inexperienced but I will try my best to do SUF and this community right. It’s great being here.


It’s actually a picture of Sam Elliott’s mustache… Sam just happens to be in the picture with it.


Awesome - thanks @Cody.Moore - what a fine mini group we are :slight_smile:

Aye, forums for something you love doing … what’s not to like/volunteer for :slight_smile:

Let’s roll …


An Honour to be able to serve our Nation.
I have been far less active than I strive for, but will be back in full force (10/10 Generosity!) right after I deal with some domestic issues that have been keeping me away from my calling as a Sufferlandrian.
(Don’t worry! She’s not getting anything from the torture chamber! :rofl: she gets to keep the couch and donut maker though).