To the Forums—PROST!

As I ready for retirement this evening, I wanted to give a general shout-out to all at SUF (and my fellow Knights & Sufferlandrians, of course) on the move to the format of the SUF Forum.

Sure, social media is convenient and familiar to most, but I found myself reflective of the betterment of a better community in a forum environment and all it can do for not only the product but the lowly users like us. I like it a lot and…

So, prost, cheers, salud, and so on to all who had a hand in this.

And good night. I’m off to read more from Ready Player Two. See you in Sufferlandria Morgen.


@SirDale, thank you for this. It wasn’t a move that we take (took) lightly. We’ve worked really hard to start something new here that the Sufferlandrian community can ‘own’ and so far things seem to be going very well. Your encouragement makes it that much sweeter, thank you!